Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Well, today kinda sucked...

I stayed home today, because I was expecting a courier package from Fastway. The last time I had a Fastway courier package arrive, I wasn't home. They left a card, and I had so much trouble trying to organise having it redelivered, I decided to just go and pick it up. Unfortunately, it was all the way over in South Auckland. I got lost. Horribly, horribly lost. What was supposed to be a 20 minute trip turned into an hour and a half, with the boys in the back seat fighting and screaming, and me yelling at them. Many of the street signs were missing, or pointed in the wrong direction, and I couldn't get proper directions from Deane over the phone because he couldn't figure out where I was. By the time we got there I was a blubbering mess! I vowed never to do that again, and for weeks afterward, was scared to drive anywhere outside of the immediate vicinity of school/supermarket/home.

Today, I missed out on going to knitting group. I guess there's no real surprise in the fact that the courier has not arrived, and it is now time for me to pick the kids up from school (fingers crossed they don't call while I'm out!) The danger of me staying at home all day means I do stupid things, like instead of having lunch I eat yoghurt, corn chips and dry cereal throughout the course of the day along with umpteen-million cups of tea while watching five episodes of Gilmore Girls and knitting one and a bit arms on a toy. Bad. Very bad.

Still, there is something to be happy about - we're having roast chicken for dinner, yay!! And I got to sit on the couch and watch five episodes of Gilmore Girls!

Wow, I really hope the courier parcel arrives early tomorrow morning, I need to get out of the house...

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