Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Will I ever learn?

X, bless the little horror, has found a new way of irking me. He is one of those willful children, and he learned from a very early age how to 'press my buttons'.

One weekend morning several weeks ago, he was getting changed in his room, and was throwing his washing around. One of his socks happened to land on the wall light fitting. It stayed there for a while, until I asked him to get it for me, as I couldn't reach. The light fitting just happens to be about midway along the side of the bunk bed, and my arm is too short to reach without me climbing onto the top bunk. He thought this was quite hilarious, and proceeded the next day to hang his dirty socks on the light fitting for a bit of a joke. It went on for a few days until I told him to stop it because it was getting to be a little annoying.

It hadn't happened again, so I naturally assumed that he had forgotten about it. Silly me.

We had a bit of a disagreement this morning before heading off to school. I've just now walked into their room to make the beds, and guess what I found:

Socks, literally jammed into the side of the light fitting, quite out of my reach. You really have to laugh sometimes, don't you?

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