Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hey crazy lady! You're crazy!!

Um, yes, that would be me...

I just registered for the Auckland Quarter Marathon in October this year. A whole 10.55km, to be run on the 30th October, starting at 6.45am. Madness!! Madness I tell you!!! At least I didn't go completely off the edge and sign up for the half or full marathon. Maybe next year ;-) Ahahaha...

I guess now I'd better get serious about training. Don't want to make a dick of myself on the day, and collapse halfway round the track or something. That would just be embarrassing! At least I know that my first 10km run wasn't just a fluke, I did it again yesterday. I think the next step though, would be to run outside instead of on the treadmill. Perhaps I should try to find a decent route somewhere around Auckland that won't have too much traffic. Nothing worse than having to stop at a pedestrian crossing and wait for cars!

Queue abrupt change of subject

I finished my cardigan last night, buttons sewn on and everything! I was very sorely tempted to wear it today, but decided to block it instead - all the better to show it off at spinning class tomorrow! Provided its dry by then of course.

(Here's a pic of it blocking on a manky old dryer-warped towel - I should totally win an award for world's worst photography...)

I'm now working on the second sock of the pair I'm knitting for Deane. The test knit is going well - all the kinks have been worked out, and I'm pretty sure the pattern is very near completion.

Unfortunately its still not available on Ravelry, so I can't link to it for you. I'll post some pics in a few weeks - should have them well and truly finished by then. I can't post them any sooner, because Deane is off to China, Singapore and Malaysia for nearly two weeks for a business trip. I get all the joy of staying at home and looking after two boisterous boys. Hmmm, who got the raw end of the deal there? ;-)

On the up side, I get to watch what I want, when I want, and just think of all the knitting time!! And being able to wear pyjamas to bed... Every cloud has a silver lining indeed ;-)

And just a completely random item - saw this on the footpath on the way to school yesterday morning, and though it was really sweet:

How cool is that? Imagine walking to school one morning, and spotting an extra special message spray painted on the footpath just for you - 'daddy loves you'! Gorgeous :-)

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  1. Wow! Sweater looks terrific -- you are a wonder. :-)