Thursday, 23 June 2011

How dare he??

My husband of ten years has informed me he is leaving me for his new love. She is half Chinese, half Italian, and they met in Singapore. Her name is Pharo. Damn her and her side jets, and degree-monitored-adjustable-temperature-controls:

He did say there was a downside to this new relationship, in that he cannot spend every waking moment with her. (I'd imagine hypothermia might be an issue at some stage). Still, it appears they are very happy together. Personally, I think the relationship won't last. He'll leave her eventually (somewhere around hotel check-out time) and come back to me. Especially since I informed him that I have recently been on a lingerie purchasing expedition ;-) That, and I just finished his latest pair of socks:

A test knit pattern by Valerie Wagoner - Celtic Roots (link is to my Ravelry project page, so if you don't have an account, you probably won't be able to see it. Just sayin') knit in Vintage Purls 'Hathi'. The pattern will be available once the test stage is over, and Valerie is happy with it. An excellently well-written pattern in my opinion :-)

And of course he'll want to see me looking fantastic in my new cardigan, of which I now have pictures. I decided to cut my head out of the pictures because in one I had an awful dead-pan look on my face, and the other I was kind of smiling, but in a horrible way that made me look really weird and ugly (not hard to do) so you are spared the horror:

Yes, it has a weird band of lighter colour through the middle - it just kinda came out that way by accident, but I like it :-) So far this week I've worn the cardigan most days, and I'll be sad when I have to wash it. Still, it will dry and I will be able to wear it again, so something to look forward to I guess. I feel kind of like a kid separated from their favourite toy, hanging out in front of the dryer waiting for it to be clean again. I must grow up one day and start behaving like an adult...

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