Saturday, 11 June 2011

I love craft markets!

Just went this morning to the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. It's so fun to be able to wander slowly around and look at lovely crafty stuff. I don't like the crowds so much, but that's just something you can't really avoid. And I guess the crowds are a good thing, because that means people are interested, and willing to buy lovely hand made things. I bought a cool kiwi gift card from Cloud Nine Creative, and the most awesome tea cup and saucer set from a lovely girl who is just starting out in business:

Fabulous, isn't it? She has a blog and a shop on Felt (currently empty - I guess all her stock is reserved for the Craft Fair). She has tea pots too!! I couldn't afford to buy one today, but I fully intend to get one soon! One can never have too many tea pots :-) Plus, another tea pot means a good excuse to make another tea cosy ;-)

I also discovered that Happy Go Knitty are now stocking merino 4ply and 8ply yarn, and a squidgy soft merino/possum blend yarn. Yummy!!!

Hope you're having a good weekend - I'm off to cook some dinner, then get stuck into some serious knitting ;-)


  1. Kreachr! Thanks so much for the post! You bought one of my little cup and saucer sets! So pleased you like it :) The name of my shop is Shellyduck Ceramics - and the felt site is finally up and running. But hopefully you will win a teapot in the draw anyway ;)

  2. Oh, Kreachr! That tea cup and saucer is stunning...I can't tell, is there a handle or not? Wish I were more o a teacup type of person...usually I use a mug (or do you call it a beaker?) Thanks for sharing...I love your posts!

  3. Hi Sally - the cup does indeed have a handle, but because of where the T is positioned, it was hard to get a picture with both :-) In my opinion the T was more important than the handle ;-)