Friday, 10 June 2011

So much for 10k...

Went to the gym this morning, all psyched about doing my first 10km. Set up the treadmill, punched in all the data, and got running. Sadly, I had no music of my own - T had been fiddling around with my headphones this morning, and I hadn't noticed that one of the earbud pieces had gone. So I was stuck with barely audible crap. Oh well...

All was going well, and I got into a nice rhythym. I reached the 9km mark and was very pleased to know that I still had plenty of steam left for that last 1km when disaster struck! The treadmill went into cool down mode!!! I frantically started pressing buttons - increase the speed back to 9kmph, increase the cool down time from five minutes to the required six minutes 40 that it would take me to run the last kilometre, and the treadmill had a hernia and just stopped. It was almost like the machine was saying, "sorry lady, you've had enough time. Now get off!!"

Needless to say, I was quite gutted. I was looking forward to being able to say "I ran ten kilometres today!!". Now I can't. Sucky.

In other news, I finished a sock for Deane - no pics yet though, it was dark by the time I finished it yesterday, and now its raining so the lighting is really bad (apartments are a little like caves). I'll get some stylish modelling shots on the weekend ;-) Mwahahaha!! Deane. Modelling. The mind boggles...

My hanspun cardigan (Rav link) is going really well - I've finished the body, and am on to the sleeves. The body was worked in one piece up to the arms, then split off, and the fronts and back were worked separately, with a three needle bind off on the shoulders, thereby avoiding side seams and shoulder seams. I was going to attempt knitting the sleeves in the round from the top by picking up the stitches with the aim of avoiding seaming completely, but I couldn't get my head around how to work the shoulder caps. I gave up and started from the cuff in the round. Minimal seaming is better than heaps, right? And this problem of mine will hopefully be solved come August - I'll be attending a class called 'Getting Set From the Top Down' by Morag McKenzie of Vintage Purls fame, at Knit August Nights in Napier. Its all about how to construct a garment with top down set in seamless sleeves. Ooh, I can't wait!!! A whole weekend of knitting and spinning fun, with Ravelry friends from all over New Zealand in one place, which just happens to be my home town!! What could be better? Hmm, probably should let Deane know at some point...

I've fallen in love with this cardigan already - the yarn is incredibly soft, and it looks beautiful knit up (if I do say so myself ;-P). The cardigan could be a little bigger, but that was my own fault. I'm working on 3.25mm needles, when the pattern calls for 3.5mm. And the recommended yarn is sport weight, whereas my handspun is more like a fingering weight. I'm making the small size, but probably would have been better making the medium. Having said that, it will still fit nicely I think. I can't wait to be able to wear it!! Definitely going to be putting in some time on those sleeves this weekend!! Hopefully I'll have some finished pics for you next week ;-)

I have a feeling that I may just be making this cardigan again in the future - its a lovely simple knit, and the pattern wasn't nearly as difficult to follow as I thought it would be. Drops patterns seem to have a bit of a bad reputation for being hard to read. I've found it okay.

I couldn't resist casting on the Round Seven socks from SM5 - Pisqu. I haven't done much, since the cardigan and the test knit socks for Deane have been demanding my attention, but I like how its coming out so far:

Sitting flat (or rather, not-so-flat)

On my leg

Pretty, huh? I'm using white Shibui, and the last instalment of the Knitsch yarn club - Kelly.

And I couldn't help myself, I signed up for the next Knitsch yarn club the other day. I checked with Deane first, and he didn't (technically) say no, so I'm not entirely to blame... Next yarn club will have to be a Vintage Purls though - Morag writes the best sock patterns!! Of which, I still have one to knit - Leaflink. Its on my (ever-growing) to-do list.

Must be off - things to do before picking the boys up from school - I'm running out of time! Hope you have a happy (and somewhat dry) weekend.


  1. Oh, Kreachr....that is some lovely sock! Keep it up, will be so proud when they are done.

    I sure do admire you for keeping fit....I have every intention of starting to exercise and then something comes up and those intentions go straight out the window....good job, Kreachr.

  2. Brilliant update - you are one uber knitting machine. Put me to shame!

    One thing I had to wonder was if the gym had another treadmill... Good work on the running though! I've joined a gym this year and am really loving the addictive nature of exercise.

    So jealous on you going it KAN. This year and last it falls on my daughter's birthday, and at age 5, I really need to be there for her. One day...

  3. Why thank you Miss Sally, you're very sweet :-)

    And shortly, I've seen your mad knitting skills, you're pretty good yourself ;-) In fact, I was reading a blog the other day where somebody had just knit a scarf you designed. It was pretty cool! As for KAN, there's always next year!!