Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nearly a week of spinning. Still going strong.

I believe I've already covered days one, two and three. On to days four, five and six.

Now I know how much y'all love my collages ;-P, so I've made some more!!!

Do you see a recurring theme here? I'm feeling a bit of déjà vu...

Still, I'm over halfway through the first 100g bump of this fibre, then I'll take a break from that and move on to something a little chunkier. I might go back to the second 100g bump before the end of the tour, depending on my sanity levels, and time left available during each day. Unfortunately, the second half of the tour will be during the school holidays, when my dear children will be at home driving me batty.

Next weekend we're heading down to Napier for a very special occasion, so I'll be spindle spinning for the weekend and my friends and family will think I'm even more crazy! Apart from it being the start of the school holidays, I will be going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two with my bff. OMG - the final movie!!!!! So much excitement!!!!! I can hardly contain myself - a little over a week to go! Note to self: stock up on tissues. Oh my. The end of an era. And sadly, I didn't craft anything special for this movie :-( Still, I have a fabulous Gryffindor scarf in my possession (well, X isn't using it!) - and being the middle of Winter, what better opportunity to wear it? And I have a bag of Sherbet Lemons to share with Tans at the movie. Perfect.

I had a lovely proud moment this afternoon, when X's teacher informed me that his reading had improved so significantly over the course of the year that he is now reading at an age 10-11 level!!! This, from the boy who was so far behind at age six he had to go to Reading Recovery! I had a huge idiotic grin on my face for a good hour or so after hearing that. My clever boy (^_^) Pretty good improvement for a two year period if you ask me. And Deane still insists that all the XBox gaming time has something to do with it. Perhaps... As far as I'm concerned, nothing quite beats a good old paperback or hardcover book. He's getting through the Beast Quest series slowly but steadily, so I'm happy. Maybe I should start working on T now, although his reading level is more than satisfactory anyway, he's just not much of a 'recreational reader'. Yet ;-)

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