Monday, 4 July 2011

TdF Progress Update

Hello hello hello!!! Day three of the TdF is drawing to a close. I've put the spinning away for the day ready to settle onto the couch, and shove my freezing cold feet under Deane's leg for him to warm up ;-) Just thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with the spinning, and this year I've figured out how to make snazzy little collages, so by the end of the Tour, you'll probably be sick of them, but it saves space - you can post one picture instead of a whole bunch. Yay! So, without further ado:

For those who would like a little more detail, the first two days were taken up with the other half of the gradient-dyed maude & me. merino. I now have two matching skeins, all ready to make a pair of socks with:

You probably can't read the wee tags I've put on the skeins, but they say - Skein #1, 76g, 186m and Skein #2, 75g, 171.75m Not much difference between them, and I think they'll look awesome all knit up!

Day three saw me attempting my finest spinning yet, to create a lace weight two ply yarn. I have 200g of this scrumptious fibre, hand dyed by Lyn Walsh of fibre2go. I put a little more detail into the collage, as you can see, so its pretty self-explanatory. This fibre is going to take me quite some time to spin up, but if I get bored with it, I'll break it up with some other spinning (of which I have plenty to be getting on with!!)

You needn't fear for my family - they are still being well fed and looked after. Washing is being done, the kitchen is clean and tidy, I made roast chicken for dinner this evening, and I even managed to get the housework done! I find I need to take more breaks from spinning than I do knitting, to avoid getting a really sore back. I think perhaps a change of chair would help - I would love to get one of these, with the Rose motif to match my wheel, or maybe one of these. Maybe I should put it on the 'birthday/Christmas wish-list'?

And just a little random snippet - a fellow kiwi knitter/blogger posted this the other day. Well worth the read, and non-knitters may find it helpful ;-)

Have a good week!!

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