Monday, 22 August 2011

A Day in the Life of Egbert Schubert

X's school class was set some homework this week for their 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' project - look after a hard boiled egg, document its days, and assess at the end of the week whether they'd acted responsibly whilst caring for their egg.

X is currently in Napier with his dad, so 'Grandma' stepped in to look after little Egbert Schubert (or Bert, for short) for the day. Here's what we got up to.

After dropping T at school this morning, Bert and I headed to the NZ Post depot in Grey Lynn to pick up a parcel. Here he is, waiting patiently for the parcel:

And after the kind lady had handed it over:

Next, it was off to the supermarket to get the groceries. First stop though, coffee!

Then the shopping:

At the checkout:

Then Bert helped me load everything in the car, so we could go home:

Of course, we didn't stop there. As soon as we'd unloaded the groceries and put them away, we headed off to the gym for a run:

Got a bit hot, as is the nature of exercise, so the sweater had to come off. It was just a short run today, only 5km:

Afterwards, home again, so Grandma could have a shower and get changed. Then, it was off to the library to drop off some DVDs and books. And of course, check out some neat picture books in the kids' section:

Time for a spot of lunch!

Back home again for an hour or so, before heading back to school. On the way downstairs, we checked the mail. None today:

We headed into the school library, where Grandma usually spends an hour every day, covering books for the school librarian.

We got quite a few done today:

Home once more, where we helped T with his school homework:

Afterwards, Bert and T played XBox so Grandma could cook dinner:

After dinner, its time for bed.

Gosh, what a busy day Bert had! Wonder what he'll get up to tomorrow, while he's at school with X?

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