Friday, 12 August 2011

What is it with me and famous authors?

I had the opportunity to meet Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series. She happened to be visiting the Auckland City Library on Thursday 11th August, which was perfect because I recently finished reading the first novel in the series (that I borrowed off my bff who has the best bookshelf in the world) and really enjoyed it. I figured I could get the book signed for my friend. Again.

You may recall the incident earlier this year with Kathy Reichs? I know I do. Still haven't heard back from her, probably never will. Anyway... I was thinking this time things would go a little more smoothly, since I'd already made a dick of myself. You know, 'been there, done that' kinda thing. Second time around should be fine. Hmm, not so much...

There was a slight hiccup in the evening's proceedings - I'd been telling Deane for weeks that I had to be at the library by 5.30pm, so I would be leaving home at 5.15pm at the very latest in order to be there in time, and did he have it in his calendar? I didn't want to be late. Despite my near-constant harping, the man ended up getting stuck in a (very important) despicably badly-timed work meeting that ran way past when it should have, so I had to take the boys with me. I admit, they were very well-behaved. Okay, so I had to carry T all the way to the library because his new shoes were hurting his feet (damn me for throwing out his well-loved well-worn shoes earlier in the day despite his insistence that they were 'still good'), and although he was quiet throughout Lauren's reading, he was very wiggly. Still, I managed to remember to put my phone on silent (just minutes before Deane sent through two text messages to say he was sorry and he was on his way - phew! That could have been embarrassing), and I even managed to get out a very clear and consise question that turned out to have a very good answer without blabbering the words all together like I usually do on such occasions as speeches or answering machine recordings.

I gave the boys my phone so they could play Sims Pets while I waited in line to get the book signed for Tania, and when I got to the table I wasn't a blithering idiot. Until I walked away and realised that I'd forgotten to give her the shawl I'd brought along as a gift. You know me - apparently I have to give famous people things I have knit whenever I meet them.

I tried pushing the shawl at Lauren's publicist, insisting that it would be okay if she passed it on to Lauren after the book signing, but the publicist assured me that it would be fine if I jumped back in line to give it to her in person, and indeed I should. So I rudely interrupted some poor girl who had been waiting patiently for her book to be signed, and said "I'm sorry, I forgot to give you this. It's a shawlette I made, I don't know if you like the colours or anything, but I thought you might like to wear it, or something..." (because, you know, I'm such an excellent wordsmith, or something...pfft).

Perhaps by the time I get to meet Diana Gabaldon I'll have it down pat ;-)

Ah, what would life be like if we couldn't laugh at ourselves and our ridiculous behaviour every once in a while?

Oh, and I forgot to mention the particulars of my sweater in yesterday's post, so here they are:

Hourglass Sweater, knit in Naturally Aran Tweed, shade #84. I used 9 balls, and made the 37" bust size. I increased the length of the body by 1", but the sleeves are knit to the pattern, as is the neck. I noticed a lot of people had issues with the wideness of the neck, but it worked out fine for me. I had exact gauge as specified by the pattern (because I am awesome like that) and I think it looks pretty good :-)

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