Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Father's Day

I was up nice and early this morning to cook my husband breakfast - I'd been to the supermarket the night before to get all the special ingredients. Unfortunately, going later in the evening means you don't get the best baked bread selection. I was after some sourdough, and thought I'd grabbed a multigrain sourdough loaf, but when I sliced into it this morning, it didn't look right. I checked the bag again, and it was actually a rosemary and garlic batard. Oops. That wouldn't work. So I chucked on some clothes and rushed down to the supermarket again, with instructions to the boys to 'leave dad alone' while I was out.

The only sourdough loaf I could find was an organic vienna loaf from Pandoro Panetteria for $8. Oh, the things we do for our loved ones...

I zipped back home and got started. Within half an hour I had served my beloved a heaping pile of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on sourdough, with free range middle bacon and black pudding, and a cup of steaming hot coffee with honey - just what he likes. The kids woke him up with their hand drawn cards and a present - a jar of hand made 'Father's Day Rock' candy from Sweet, with pictures of tools, cars, and things like 'dad' and 'I love dad' in the middles. (There's some pics on their facebook page, which I've linked to. Their website is cabbage.) Deane and the boys scoffed down their breakfasts (I just had sourdough toast and a banana, much better) and I believe they're planning a day of XBox, and perhaps an outing. Me? I'm off to knitting ;-)

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