Thursday, 6 October 2011

How do you sleep?

I sleep on my stomach. Always have. In recent years I've been sleeping in what I like to call a 'Superman' position - one arm extended straight up above my head, the other curled around my pillow, tucked into my chest. An advantage to being short is that I fit perfectly into the length of the bed, fingers curled just over the top edge of the mattress, and toes not-quite touching the bottom edge. Deane has had to adjust his sleeping position to fit around me, because I refused to change. That may have a lot to do with my recurring neck problems (not to mention of course, the large amount of looking down I do in a day, what with knitting, reading etc).

My neck has been quite stiff and sore this week, so after some discussion at knitting group yesterday, and more discussion with Deane last night, I decided to try sleeping on my back. Horrible. Uncomfortable. Boring! There we were, both lying on our backs, nearly a metre between us (gotta love a king-sized bed!). I started imagining us as an elderly, chaste couple, sleeping together. Me, with a full-length flannel nightgown that tied up under the chin, Deane with stripey long pyjama pants and a baggy white singlet. I started laughing and just couldn't stop! For some reason I found this picture quite hilarious. It took a while for me to settle - I'd quiet down for a while, then another giggle-fit would errupt. I eventually got to sleep (on my back I think), but I have to admit it wasn't the bed night's sleep I've ever had. Several times I woke up and just gave in, flipping over onto my stomach and snuggling down. No surprise that my neck isn't any better today. At least it's not preventing me from knitting, so it's not the end of the world ;-)

Things may improve with a round of physiotherapy or a few visits to a chiropractor, but as I very much doubt their prices will be reducing any time soon, this will quite possibly never happen.

I have been rather busy in the knitting department of late, although not much to show for it. I finished my Simplicity cardigan last Saturday night, and blocked it straight away. Thanks to the wonders of laceweight yarn, it was dry by morning, so I could weave in the ends and wear it to knitting group at the library. Still haven't got any pictures of it though - all in good time...

The last blanket square was finished:

June 2009 Afghan square in Vintage Porcelain and Port Wine

I've turned the heels in my Red Danu socks, and am now working on the feet. I'd knit one heel at knitting group yesterday, but mustn't have been paying attention, because the heel flap was a few rows too short - something I discovered when knitting the second heel last night:

I frogged the offending heel, and reknit it, so all is well:

Knit in Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red

And I'm over halfway on the first panel of the Epic Aran Afghan:

Hmmm, now that I've posted this photo, I have spotted an error in my knitting that will have to be fixed. Can you spot it? Here, I'll help you:

Thankfully, I have mastered the art of dropping down a section of stitches and reknitting them, thereby avoiding having to rip back row upon row of knitting. Should take no more than half an hour to fix! I guess the little reminder I gave myself to check my work thoroughly while knitting this afghan hasn't yet sunk in. I wonder how far I would've got before realising my error, if I hadn't posted the update photo on here? The mind boggles...

I took a little time out from knitting last night, and we, as a family, went to the boys' annual school art exhibition. We were pleasantly surprised to find that T had won a prize for the second year in a row!

X was a little disappointed, especially since they spelled his name wrong when labelling his artwork, but I think he's moved on now. Again this year, the winning artworks will be displayed at the local supermarket for all to see, so it'll be fun to go along and have another look during the school holidays, and T can put on his proud face and say "that's mine". Yay. Mum will have her proud face on too ;-)

Right, I'm off to fix the afghan! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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