Monday, 21 November 2011

Next year? Sleep overs.

Ugh. The boys' birthday party, although not a complete disaster, didn't exactly go off without a hitch. I had to wait for Deane to finish a phone call before we could leave (at the absolute last possible second so as not to be late). On our way we were to pick up one of the kids attending the party. He wasn't home. The babysitter had 'got confused' about the times, and had gone to the park. Grrr!!! After knocking on doors, speaking to the next-door kid, phoning various phone numbers and driving around the block a few times, we managed to find the child. Unfortunately, he was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and jandals. Not ice-skating appropriate clothing!!! So we had to go back to his place and grab appropriate attire before zooming off to the venue. We managed to arrive only five minutes late, and only one other kid had turned up.

We hauled everyone inside and got them kitted out with skates and frames (none of the kids were able to skate without them) and I went out to wait for the others. It turned out to be a waste of time, as nobody else turned up. At least not for another hour. Meanwhile, the coach came along and said to ditch the frames, as she was used to teaching kids how to skate without them. Well, after about ten minutes, T was off the ice and refused to go back on, one of the kids had fallen over a number of times and was very sore, and very upset, and wanted to sit down. Only X and his friend were left on the ice, clinging to the sides of the rink. After another five minutes or so, the coach gave up. Waste. Of. Money. It was supposed to be a half hour lesson :-/ Falling-over kid got some better skates, and we gave him back his frame, so he was happy. The other two grabbed their frames back as well, and all was hunky-dory again.

Just before we headed up to the party room, the only other kid to turn up, turned up. So we went in and scoffed as much food as possible (although there was still enough left for four kids. Funny that...) had some cake, opened the few presents (un-organised kid didn't have a present. Wonder why?) and then we all trooped back downstairs for another hour of skating. Thankfully, with frames again available, T decided he wanted to skate after all, and I just kept watch on all the gear.

Unfortunately, even with only five kids in total, we still had to pay for the minimum of eight, so it ended up being a very expensive birthday party. Next year, the boys can invite one friend over for a sleep over each. I can't deal with the stress of a party that people don't RSVP/bother to turn up to. I'm starting to wonder if I'm the birthday-party jinxer. Last year, I was away for X's party, so Deane went it alone. Every child turned up, they had a great time. For T's party, Deane and X were away, so it was just me. Nobody turned up to that party, so T and I hung out together. This year, both Deane and I were there, and less than half the kids turned up. WTF? Must be me... ;-)

Some good news though, we're moving! In three weeks' time, we will be residing in an actual house, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which has a bath tub, with an actual garage, and an actual real-life laundry, two decks, a proper-sized living room, and actual kitchen with cupboard space, and there is actual storage!!! Oh, and there's a grassy outdoor area too. Did I mention there was parking for more than one car? OMG, there will be space to move around in!!! And somewhere to put my spinning wheel!!! And it's across the road from school too, so X can be all responsible and walk to school by himself ;-) Using the pedestrian crossing of course (^_^) The rent is astronomical, and the landlord is anally-retentive, but it's about time we lived somewhere that doesn't resemble a shoe-box. Deane's happy with it, even though it'll be about a half-hour walk to his office. I'm certainly not going to complain! Supermarket five minutes' walk away, school, dairy, laundromat (mwahaha), doctor and chemist across the road... sorted ;-) And the library is only 15 minutes away too. Can't wait. And the best thing? We can have visitors!!!

I spent several hours yesterday and today packing up the stuff we don't need out, which is actually a lot easier with Deane away at yet another conference, or two, or three. (Taupo/Christchurch this time, and Auckland later in the week so at least I'll see him at some point). I have this horrible feeling though, that when he arrives home, he'll ask where ::insert item name here:: is and I'll have to find which box I packed it into... For now though, I'm enjoying the extra space and tidiness I have created by squashing everything into boxes and shoving them into the spare room/Deane's temporary office. I can't do much more though, all that's left is stuff we're using, so I just have to clean clean clean. I've got quotes from five different moving companies, and have narrowed it down to two, so I'll book that tomorrow. Our current landlord is being really nice about everything, and coordinating open home times that suit us. She's also organising the carpet cleaning for us. Fabulous. For once, I'm actually happy to be moving!

And now for a bit of randomness:

I have four repeats left of the centre panel for the Epic Aran Afghan, then I can start on the third and final (not including the borders) panel. I might actually make the Christmas deadline, if I really put in an effort...

This week, I'm re-watching the Twilight movies in preparation for seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 this weekend. Life is so much better when you have things to look forward to, don't you agree?

Hope you're enjoying your week!

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  1. Oh my. You poor, poor thing!! I think it's terribly rude not to RSVP to birthday parties. I'm one of those terrible parents who calls up the invitees "just to check" if they are coming... hehe. It sure helps to know how many to expect!

    On the house front, yay for you!! I know only too well what it's like to live in a shoe box (HK). It will be wonderful to have a house again, I'm sure! A word of warning: two weeks after you move in, you'll wonder how your stuff has managed to magically expand to fill up all the available space in the house...