Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Or. Ga. Nised.

Gasp!! It has been over a week since I last posted! It's been pretty busy here though, I am knitting like a madwoman trying to get this afghan finished in time - I am now almost quarter of the way through the third and final panel (not including the two border strips). Much less mistakes this time around, as I think I may have it sorted finally ;-)

I have booked the movers, organised the carpet cleaner, and have packed everything that can possibly be packed in the house.

Please don't send me hate mail, but...

I have finished my Christmas shopping!! All that is left is for Deane to get a few bits and pieces for the boys, and a couple of family friends, and we're done. A couple of items still have to arrive in the mail, but everything is wrapped and stashed in the top of the wardrobe (which was emptied last week thanks to packing). Oh my, it feels good to be so organised. Now all that's left is to knit knit knit. And make a plum pudding. But that will happen after we've moved.

How is your Christmas planning going?

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  1. Pat on the back! That must feel very good. As you can tell, things aren't quite that organised at this end. :-)