Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Same again, thanks

This has been my view every day for the last week:

The only thing that changes is the length. I should be glad of that at least...

As of right now, I have knit 17 of the required 24 pattern repeats on the third and final panel (which is a mirror image of the first panel). The end is in sight! Just seven more repeats to go, and the two borders for the top and bottom, which are only 20 stitches across and won't be as long as the panels. This afghan has been a bit of a challenge - the pattern itself is not hard, but the sheer enormity of the project, and the added difficulty of fixing mistakes that any munson could avoid by paying attention have made this a mission and a half. I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting it though, and have to say I'm rather proud of it so far. I can't wait to see it all put together!! It will need to be blocked though, which will have to wait until we've moved into the new place and I can't knit the border pieces until that's done (or at least can't finish them). Still, at the rate of two repeats a day (and enough of today left to get one done), it will take me until Friday to finish the panel. We move on Saturday, and if I'm organised enough, I can get blocking on Sunday. With only 2 1/2 weeks left until Christmas, I have to say I'm rather relieved. I think I'm going to make it!

Oh, and btw, if you receive this gift and don't want it for whatever reason (and please be honest - some people just don't dig Aran, I get it), believe me, I'd be happy to take it back no questions asked ;-) Just sayin'...

The completion of the afghan has come at the expense of many other planned projects I have to admit. I wanted to knit socks for my sister, something for the boys' teachers (who've each had one of my children for a year and a half - they deserve something lovely), I had cushion covers to sew (also for my sister), a shawl (which is half done, maybe I can still finish it in time...), and oh, so many other things!! Still, I'm happy with the presents I've got everyone this year, and my sister's birthday is in March, so I can always knit the socks and sew the cushion covers for her then. The teachers are getting yummy goodies from Lush, and the shawl was an 'extra' present anyway.

Sadly, my running has taken a bit of a hit as well. With the kids sick quite a bit this term, and Deane so busy with work and often away, I missed a lot of chances to hit the pavement. My 15km achievement seems to have been a one-off. I've managed only two runs in as many weeks, and they've been a measly 8km and 6.5km respectively. I have learned that fitness is a hard won thing - you need to earn it, and work to keep it. I'll keep digging away at it for now, and when the kids go back to school next year, get into a better routine. At least, that's my plan. We all know what happens to my plans...

I've rather enjoyed reading the Yarn Harlot's suggestions to non-knitters about what to buy their knitterly friends and relatives, particularly the first one - here. It's a must read. She's updating her blog every day with new ideas for knitters. So many cool things!! And the best part? The wonders of the internet have made it all accessible. I've really got the hang of this internet shopping lark - several of my family's Christmas presents were bought over the net this year. Oh, such fun. I love making things for people, and I love thinking of things to give to friends and family that I think (hope) they'll love.

Christmas. A time for getting together and enjoying great food and good company, with fantastic summer weather and lots of relaxing. Ah, yes. Next week's plan (apart from finishing the afghan of course) - plum pudding, shortbread, peppermint bark, and home made crystallised ginger. Mmmmm, yummy. Did I mention that Christmas-time has good food? I have to say, there's something about my mother-in-law's roast veges that I absolutely love. Whether its anything to do with being cooked alongside turkey and lamb, I can't be sure. But I look forward to them every year. Fresh, juicy, delicious strawberries and cherries!! Oh my. Hawkes Bay has the best berries, without a doubt. Breakfast with the fan-dam on Christmas morning, making all the kids wait not-so-patiently to open their presents... I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. I think our little faux tree will be going up on Sunday. Maybe Saturday. Depends on how well the move goes.

I hope you're looking forward to the 'silly season':

Mwaaahahahahaha!!! Yes my husband is a dork, but he's a happy dork, and I love him.

In the mean-time, for me at least, it'll be more of this:

Psst, just so you know, I edited about 20 million exclamation marks out of this post before publishing it.

You're welcome.


  1. The knitting looks amazing! All those pattern repeats are totally worth it!

  2. That blanket is an amazing work of love. I am surprised you can give it away after all that hard work!

    I know exactly what you mean about it seeming to last forever. I felt that way about my Sylvia. But when it was done... I rather missed it!