Thursday, 29 December 2011

So how was your Christmas?

I had a good Christmas, and once again got spoilt rotten :-) My parents got me a new food processor, something I've wanted since we left ours behind in Napier over four years ago. Now that I have a decent sized kitchen, I'll actually be able to use it. I plan on cooking a bit more now, and may even get back into baking. I'm convinced that the type of kitchen you have determines how much you cook. I had no real want to cook at the last place, and avoided baking as much as possible, simply because the kitchen was so tiny. Not only was there minimal bench space, there was only a half sized oven and two cook tops. Very difficult to feed a family of four in a kitchen like that, believe me! Since moving to this place, I actually want to cook, and am enjoying flicking through recipe books and magazines, thinking of things to make. Something I haven't really done in about a year.

I also got some herb pots and seeds, and planted them this afternoon. According to the instructions, I should start seeing results in about ten days. Hmmm, we'll see. I'm notoriously bad with plants. Still, I'm willing to give it a go. If all goes to plan, we'll have lovely fresh herbs to go with the fresh pasta Deane will be making with the snazzy new pasta machine his mother gave us. Yum!

Surprisingly, I haven't done one single stitch of knitting since I finished the afghan last Thursday. Not. One. I did finish Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel, and read another book as well. I have to say, having an e-reader is just fabulous. No longer do I need to make sure I have enough books packed in the suitcase (taking up valuable clothing space) - I have all the books I need on one small device. And if not? It only takes a minute to download one. Brilliant. So brilliant in fact, I took great joy in giving an e-reader to both mums for Christmas. We can still share books! Yay!

The kids got some cool presents too - the most used so far I think would have to be the two books Santa brought them - Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the sequel, Rodrick Rules. X has already read the first and is part way through the second, and T started the first book yesterday on the way home. I'm ridiculously happy about this. I always wanted my boys to be readers - I think they just might be. I'll definitely be getting the other books in the series to add to their collection (and I'll be reading them myself of course ;-p)

Must dash, Deane wants to order dinner online. I hope you have a good New Year - ours will be relatively quiet, as usual. Fine with me :-) See you next year!

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