Monday, 27 February 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

I was feeling a bit 'woe is me' last week. My knitting wasn't inspiring me, so I hardly picked it up at all. My quilting was much the same. I still hadn't heard back about my course (it officially starts today)... it wasn't the best week from a creative point of view.

On the weekend, I was nominated for a 'versative blogger' award by KiwiPurler. After reading her post, and seeing all the other inspiring bloggers she had nominated as well, I felt unworthy and turned it down (which is allowed, apparently). She then sent me a lovely email full of cheery comments, which made me feel better, and gave me a much-needed confidence boost. Since then, I hauled ass on the sock I was knitting. I managed to finish it, and start the second (had to stop, because my hand was sore).

This morning, I ran 8.5km, and still had some gas in the tank. Feeling awesome!

The moral of the story: be kind to others. You never know what a difference you can make in their day, with even the smallest of gestures.

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  1. Oh good! :-) I should take inspiration from you and get my ass into gear and go for a walk! My running days are over I'm afraid. Love your new sock. It's just what I think a patterned sock should look like. And the colour is so pretty!