Wednesday, 8 February 2012

School is back at last!

Oh, how I'm enjoying having my days free again! Yesterday, the first day back at school for my boys, I went with them to school and met their new teachers, got them settled into their new classes, organised the after-school meet up, then breathed a huge sigh of relief. I went for a run (my first in two months!!), walked into town to post back the untangled balls of yarn:

Did all the washing, got the house tidy (like, really tidy, such as it hasn't been since the beginning of the holidays), did my grocery shopping online and generally faffed about for the rest of the day. It was great. I met the boys on the corner at 3pm, and soon after we all jumped in the car to go get passport photos done and drop Deane at the airport. Takeaways for dinner meant I didn't have to cook, and it was a relatively simple matter of getting them to bed that evening (not so much getting them to sleep though). I got to spend the rest of my evening knitting and watching season one of The Big Bang Theory.

Today, another run (wow, my legs are sore now!), more tidying (I do like me a tidy house) and the gardening. I dug out my ten-year-project, which hasn't seen the light of day for a good year or so. Maybe it'll end up being a 20 year project...

I have to say, there's something slightly absurd about listening to Marilyn Manson while hand quilting :-) It certainly makes one giggle.

More hand quilting coming up soon, whilst I await delivery of my groceries (online shopping - super awesome). Dinner shall be roast chicken, with a rather yummy-sounding leek and wholegrain stuffing.

I feel like I'm filling in time at the moment though. I am officially unemployed now, as I finished my very-very-part-time job at the end of January. After much consideration, I decided to enrol with the Open Polytechnic - I'm going to study for a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Information and Library Studies. Studied full time, that's a three-year undertaking. Of course, I'll be studying part time (Deane would have a hernia if I suddenly expected him to look after the kids and feed himself and do his own washing - could you imagine?!?), but I hope to complete the degree within four years. I'm a little impatient like that. I've sent in my enrolment, and I'm just waiting to hear back. I'm excited, and a little scared. I haven't studied anything since I left school waaaaaay back in 1996. Gosh, that seems like a lifetime ago now.

I do very much hope I'll be disciplined enough to study, and not get lured away by knitting/spinning/quilting/reading. I think I may have to draw up a roster for myself - a timetable with designated times for exercise, housework, study, and 'free time', incorporating the knitting/spinning/quilting/reading I have become accustomed to doing whenever and wherever I please. I'll have to crack the whip on myself quite a bit I imagine. Still, I can't be a layabout housewife forever. One becomes complacent.

The first trimester officially starts on the 27th February, so I'm all jittery - waiting to find out if my enrolment is 'acceptable' (why wouldn't it be you ask? I'm a pessimist, and always think the worst. So many things come to mind...), and for the paperwork to arrive so I can get started on my first unit - there are 18 units in total for the full degree. I thought I'd start with one and see how I go.

I can do this, right?


  1. I have to say I had very similar sentiments sending my young man back to school this week. Two months is an illegal period of time for children to be off school in my opinion!

    Congratulations on going 'back to school'!! I'm in a similar position to you. Still waiting to see if I get my loan, so I'm not announcing anything until it happens.

  2. Congratulations to you too, and good luck! I'm only doing one unit at a time, so paying for one unit at a time, which allows me to avoid the dreaded student loan.