Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I be a student

Gosh, the last several days has been busy! My course materials arrived on Friday, and I've been studying every day (except Sunday, which is knitting day). Unfortunately, it took a while for the enrolment process to go through, so I was nearly two weeks behind, but I think I've managed to catch up already. My first assignment is due on the 29th March!! OMG!! It's already proving to be a bit of a challenge, but I think a good chunk of that is due to my being out of practice. I also need to get the hang of referencing. Once I get into the swing of things, I think it will go a lot smoother. Some of the difficulty is also due to still learning my way around the online campus. This will get easier, I'm sure of it :-)

I'm enjoying myself so far, getting anxious to start in the mornings. I have to be disciplined and get the kids organised and out the door, finish up any essential house chores, think about what I'm doing for dinner later, and (some days) go for a run before getting stuck in. Most of that time, I'm thinking about my assignment. Crazy.

I'm only working on one paper this trimester, which apparently requires an average of 12 hours per week of study. Considering the two weeks of catch-up, and the two-three weeks we'll be away in April, I think I can manage it quite easily. I hope to be able to do two papers next trimester - I'll see how I got this time around. Fingers crossed!!

My knitting is going well now too - Sock Madness Round 1 is still in progress, but my pair is finished:

'No Dice', using the exclusive (for now) SM Dicey pattern, knit in Cascade Heritage Silk yarn. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the yarn was! Depending on how they hold up to wear, I could see myself knitting with this again in the future.

I knit another pair of socks over the weekend too:

Simply Ginny socks, knit in Knitsch Grape, which has been in my stash forevaaaaaaahhh.

Last night, after finishing the Ginnys, I cast on a Gemini tee - I got some DK cotton yarn really cheap late last year from Crafty Knitwits ($2 a ball - can't beat that!), and I wasn't sure what to do with it. When this pattern popped up in the new issue of Knitty... perfect!! I'll let you know how I get on. Sometimes my study involves a lot of reading (both online and on paper), so once I get to the main body of this tee, which is all stockinette, I'll have something to keep my hands busy while I'm reading. Yay!

Well, my week is set. I hope yours is too! Have a good one :-)


  1. So glad all of your course stuff got sorted out! And you finished your dice socks! They look awesome - and wish I was fast enough to knit a pair of socks in a weekend!