Saturday, 26 May 2012

Time to get serious

After using the yarn for the caretaker's hat that I'd originally bought to make Deane some fingerless mitts, I got to thinking about all the stuff I'd promised to make people and hadn't yet made.  Whether I'd promised the person to their face, or just in my head, is inconsequential.  To me, they're both the same.  So I decided to compile a list of everything I plan to make both for others and myself, with a goal to try and finish, if not all, at least the majority of them by the end of the year.

THE LIST (In no particular order, just to be clear)
  • fingerless mitts for X in black
  • fingerless mitts for T in green
  • fingerless mitts for mum, because I forgot she wanted some for Mother's Day, or maybe these
  • scarf for _________________ (shh, it's a secret!)
  • shawl for mum (the original size is too small) - just an extension, not the whole thing again
  • sweater for me
  • socks for X (no pattern required)
  • socks for T (no pattern required)
  • socks for school librarian (again, no pattern required)
  • socks for Deane (haven't decided yet what pattern, so many to choose from!!)
  • fingerless gloves for Deane (maybe.  I'm still a little annoyed about the $2 shop ones)
  • armwarmers for me
  • sweater for me
  • kindle covers x 3 for mum, MIL and bff
My challenge is to make it all with stash.  I did have to buy yarn for the librarian's socks and mum's shawl, but everything else I think I've got covered.  As for stuff I want to make just because:
  • another scarf, but in handspun for... unknown at this time
  • stole for unknown person, haven't decided yet
  • shawl for unknown person, maybe me
  • another shawl, in some more handspun
  • this stole, in my handspun laceweight
  • these socks, and these, and these, and a whole bunch of other socks
I am realistic, and know that I can't get everything knit by the end of the year if I include both lists, but I hope to make a pretty good dent in them.  Plus, as much as I love knitting socks and giving them away to all and sundry, I'd imagine people are getting a little sick of them by now ;-)

I finished the most awesome round six socks the other night:

Dolce Pazzia in Vintage Purls Porphyrogenitos

I have a sleeve and a half left to go on my Zephyr cardigan, so I'll be able to dig into The List very soon!  I do have some very important sooper sekrit stitching I have to get done though, so I must be disciplined and be sure to get that finished.  Better get a deadline date actually, so I know what I'm working towards...

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the round seven socks, which is due out between 1 and 2am NZ time - I don't need to knit them as I'm out of the competition, but the specs are very interesting, and there's been a lot of speculation about what technique will be used (much discussion about twined knitting).  Can't wait to see what it is!

So much to do!!!  Enough waffling from me, I have stuff to make!  Mmmm, waffles... that reminds me, gotta go order a waffle iron.  Have a good weekend, and stay warm :-)


  1. That is an awesome list! The projects you have chosen look great - you have good taste! I figure you'll be able to get most of that done - given how super speedy you are. That sock madness - a true moniker if there ever was one! Your socks are gorgeous. I will never be able to knit socks like that.

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