Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Camera? What camera? I don't have a camera...

This seems to be what my brain keeps telling itself.  I forgot to take pictures of the socks I knit for the school librarian before handing them to her this morning.  I also forgot to take pictures of the stitching project I finished yesterday before sending it off in the mail.  Why?  Why do I keep forgetting to do this small, simple little thing?  Sadly, I have nothing to show for my efforts over the weekend.  I didn't take pictures of the first batch waffles I made with my new waffle iron (they were excellent by the way) or my second attempt at red velvet pancakes (also very good).  I finished my Zephyr cardigan last week.  I've worn it a few times.  I've been surrounded by people all weekend.  Do I have any pictures of this cardigan?  No.  Of course not.  Deane has bought me two lovely bunches of flowers in the last couple of weeks, and I haven't got pictures of them either.  Hopeless.

Since I have nothing to show here, I might as well just get on with doing other stuff that needs doing - like the three giant bags of washing (although I procrastinated about it for so long it is now raining and I don't want to walk back and forth in the rain to do the laundry so perhaps I will procrastinate a bit more), the vacuuming (it's amazing how much mess can be created when you have a house full of people for four days), or the second half of my assignment, which is due in a couple of weeks.

But, but... I have mum's shawl now, and the two extra skeins of yarn I need for it.  Ooh, now they need to be wound into yarn cakes.  Perhaps I should get on to that.  And maybe I could just unpick the shawl bind off and get it back on the needles before getting out the vacuum cleaner...  or maybe knit just a couple of rows... it's getting cold now, perhaps I should cast on the boys' fingerless mitts so they have something to keep their hands warm for the walk (across the road) to school in the mornings...

Hmmm, perhaps it's better that I don't photograph everything after all... ;-)


  1. I can solve one of those problems when the blocks arrive!

  2. Currently also procrastinating! I'm supposed to be knitting another hood for a friend, but I've just cast on another snood for myself.... have to catch up soon! Haven't seen you in ages!