Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's not so bad

After my little whinge about the endless knitting required for mum's shawl the other day, I've been knitting on it quite a bit, and have managed to finish the first skein and start the second.  I'm over halfway!  Phew!

Just so you know, this pic is the best I can do for a progress shot, since the shawl edge I'm knitting is well over twice the length of the circular cable it's currently on.  Which, by the way, is 100cm.  I'm looking forward to getting blocking wires soon, so I think this shawl will be an excellent first blocking project for them :-)  I may actually have this finished by next week, which means I can cast on something else!  Yay!

I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday - a prize I won for Sock Madness.  Behold:

A beautiful skein of Wollmeise!!!  The most coveted of coveted yarns!  Hurrah!!!  And can you see those lovely stitch markers?  Here's a terrible, slightly blurry cropped pic:

So cute!!!  My gifter made these with lovely ceramic beads that have pictures of tulips and windmills on them - she is from The Netherlands.  There was much discussion in the group threads about what makes these knitters so fast (because they really are!) and it's been attributed (jokingly) to everything from lutefisk to stroopwafel.  So she was also kind enough to send me some stroopwafels.  I don't think they'll make me knit any faster, but they were rather nice:

The trick is to put it on top of your mug of hot beverage (in my case, tea) so the syrup in the middle goes all gooey yummy.  Good stuff!

I have decided to make a hitchhiker scarf out of the yarn.  The scarf is perfect for knitting with Wollmeise - the designer, Martina Behm, says "The name? Well, if you use a 150g skein of Wollmeise 100% Merino for this, you can make how many teeth? That's right, 42. The answer to the question about the universe and everything, according to Douglas Adams' wonderful book, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". So don‘t forget your towel, and happy knitting!"  I love that book, it is crazy awesome.  Having said that, the skein I have is 80/20 merino/nylon - a sock yarn - which only has 510 yards, not the 575 yards that the 100% merino has.  So I'm thinking (hoping) that perhaps a slightly smaller needle will allow for a narrower, longer scarf with (fingers crossed!) 42 'teeth'.  Because that would be nerdy-cool.  Not that anyone will actually know unless I tell them, and then they'd have to have read Hitchhiker's Guide to get it.  But still...

The weekend is nearly here people, enjoy it! I know I will be :-)  The boys are off to a birthday party of a friend they haven't seen in a while.  Ah, two hours of peace and quiet.  Fantastic!

Side note: As I was typing this post, I almost went through and deleted a bunch of exclamation points, because there seems to be a lot of them.  But then it occurred to me, this is what I'm like in real life.  You may not be able to see the exclamation points, but I'm pretty sure you can hear them when I talk.  When it comes to the subject of knitting, I am this happy!!

Say hello to my little friend, Mr Wasabi Pea (^_^)


  1. Hi..

    I'm looking for wollmeise in Auckland. Do you know where can i buy them?


  2. Short answer? You can't find Wollmeise in Auckland. Only way you can get it is by buying it online or off somebody destashing. Good luck!