Monday, 18 June 2012

It's vampire season

What's that you say?  There's no such thing?  Well, pooh-pooh to you!!  It'll be vampire season if I say it's vampire season!  There's only five months to go until Breaking Dawn Part II comes out at the movies - the countdown begins...

True Blood is coming back to TV - season five!  Hurrah!!  Over the weekend I read a Lynsay Sands novel.  I forgot how much I enjoyed them.  Already reserved the next one from the library.  (I hope to get plenty of reading in before study starts up again in July.)  Plus, a friend of mine is currently honeymooning over in Italy (so jealous!) and sent me a postcard from Montepulciano, which she proclaimed to be 'very New Moon-ish'.  See?  Vampire season.

What better way to pass the dreary, cold, wet days than to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a vampire romance novel and some knitting?  I've been trying out the text-to-speech function on my kindle, and although it is rather mechanic, you get used to it after a while.  It can be quite funny too, particularly when it does things like read "hmm" as "h-m-m" - spelling it out.  Gave me a smile every time.  And oh, listening to the robotic male voice reading the raunchy scenes was quite hilarious!!

I can put in my ear-buds and plug them into the kindle, allowing me to knit and ignore the kids simultaneously.  I get annoyed with their constant banter and bickering over games, so it's nice to be able to drown it out rather than have it grate on my nerves.  And they know that if they want something, they just need to give me a tap, or wave their arms around frantically to get my attention.  While listening and knitting this weekend, I managed to finish mum's shawl-of-epic-proportions:

I took this picture in front of the back doors/window just to give you an idea of scale.  I haven't blocked it yet either, so it'll probably end up even bigger.  Do you think it'll fit now mum? ;-)  Three 120g skeins of Knitsch sock yarn went into this shawl, as the original size was too small (which was only one skein).  Just in case you're interested, this is the Yvaine pattern.  So I did manage to knit the two extra skeins within a week after all.  What was I worried about?  Pfft...

Oh yeah, got some pics of my Zephyr cardigan for you too:

Love love LOVE this cardigan!!!  I fully recommend the pattern to anyone as it is well written and easy to follow, even if the layout is a little unconventional.  I did modify the sleeves ever so slightly - only two decreases in total, and I extended the length - both the stockinette, and the ribbed cuff.  I like long sleeves.  This yarn is fast becoming my absolute favourite - Malabrigo Rios.  So soft and squishy and not-at-all-itchy.  Just beautiful.  I couldn't be happier with this cardigan - it is now in competition for wear with my other favourite cardigan, the handspun grey one I made last year.  One can never have too many favourite hand-knits though, right?  So many more things to knit...

Ooh, must share.  Every Sunday on my way to and from knitting, I walk past this manhole cover, and it always makes me smile:

One can only assume this particular acronym was not well-known when the manhole cover was made :-)

Have a good week everyone!  I'm going to go reserve the latest Sookie Stackhouse from the library ;-P


  1. Love the colour of the yarn! Is that Auburn or another colour? You've done a super job on the cardi - it looks great!

    1. The colour of the shawl is Terry's Treat - it was an exclusive yarn club colour way from last year. I knew it had to be something for mum as soon as I opened the parcel :-)

  2. Thanks for the post on your cardigan. I love it! Can't believe I haven't found the pattern so far. I really want a cardigan using the contiguous sleeves and a button band that isn't picked up. Will have to find some yarn for it :)

  3. I loved the construction of this cardigan right from the beginning! The button band keeps your interest, and yes, allows you to avoid picking up horrendous amounts of stitches, or sewing it on later. The contiguous sleeve method is rather clever - I quite like the end result. Good luck picking yarn!!! I'll keep an eye out for a finished cardi ;-)