Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Time for a change

You may have noticed things look a little different around here...  The rainy background is very appropriate for the weather we are currently experiencing.  A lot.

And I needed to add something new to THE LIST.  I received in the mail today, a big squishy bag full of yarn.  Five smooshy soft hanks of this black yarn, which will become a sweater for Deane.  Hopefully.

I'm swatching.  Yes, can you believe it?  I AM SWATCHING!!!  Watch this space ;-)

btw, updated THE LIST as follows:

  • fingerless mitts for X in black
  • fingerless mitts for T in green
  • fingerless mitts for mum, because I forgot she wanted some for Mother's Day, or maybe these - in progress 
  • scarf for _________________ (shh, it's a secret!) - in progress
  • shawl for mum (the original size is too small) - just an extension, not the whole thing again
  • sweater for me
  • socks for X (no pattern required)
  • socks for T (no pattern required)
  • socks for school librarian (again, no pattern required)
  • socks for Deane (haven't decided yet what pattern, so many to choose from!!)
  • fingerless gloves for Deane (maybe. I'm still a little annoyed about the $2 shop ones)
  • armwarmers for me
  • sweater for me
  • kindle covers x 3 for mum, MIL and bff
  • sweater for Deane - swatching in progress, haven't decided on pattern yet

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