Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ever looked at your washing pile and just wanted to cry?

This is what I faced yesterday:

Four giant rubbish bags full of dirty laundry. I made a total of ten trips across the road to the laundromat and back, half of them in the middle of a torrential downpour. It got so wet, we ended up with a mini mud-river out the back:

After washing and drying it all, and getting completely soaked in the process (good thing I'd washed a load of towels!), I then had this to look forward to:

Folding the giant pile of laundry! About an hour or so later, it looked a little better:

(Apologies for the giant gap.  Couldn't seem to get rid of it!)
It pretty much stayed like that. I took the bed linen up to remake the beds, but that's it. The boys had
to hunt through the piles this morning to find clothes to wear - they were completely out of clean pants!  Oops...

That, to be honest, is what made me finally get around to doing the washing. They needed warm clothes to wear to their ice skating lessons. Which, by the way, are going very well. They're enjoying themselves so much, I think I'll sign them up for after school lessons next term too. Maybe I've got some future ice hockey players on my hands. Deane would be pleased (^_^)  Seriously considering taking adult lessons myself - it just looks like so much fun!  They have adult coffee group classes on Tuesday mornings from 10am, with a 'free' coffee afterwards.  Sounds perfect!  After four lessons, I'm sure to be a pro ;-P

The Tour de Fleece is underway for 2012 - I'm not going all-out this year though. Just a few bits and pieces:

Alpaca (chocolate brown), alpaca/silk (black/red), BFL/silk on Eric (my spindle), and a couple of punta wool/tencel/bamboo batts. So far all I've managed is the alpaca/silk:

50g total, spun to about a DK weight, although I forgot to take note of the yardage. And yesterday I cracked into one of the batts, but didn't get very far:

I've spent most of the time at home this week giving the house a complete cleaning overhaul. Study starts up after school holidays (well, technically on the 9th, but there's no way I'll be studying in Napier) and I'd like to have the place spic-and-span before I get stuck in. I have my study materials and have ordered my text book, which is now on its way from Australia. Still waiting for the final results of my last assignment though. I hate when people get extensions and hold everything up :-/

UPDATE:  Results are in!!!  I got an A- for my third assignment!!!  Yay me!!!  Wonder what my total overall mark is...?

Either way, I can enjoy the rest of the school holidays, knowing I did okay for my first tertiary-level paper.  I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to the next one!  The first assignment is an RTA (Real Time Assessment) consisting of multiple choice questions.  The benefit of that is that you get your results as soon as you've finished - no waiting around!  The down side is that there is only a one week window to do it in.  This means I can't jump ahead.  Probably a good thing, because it means I won't get the second assignment done super early and have to wait forever for the results.  There's pros and cons to everything I guess.

Well, better get moving and do something.  Like put away all the clean washing...  I think I'll take a break from all the housework stuff, and do some spinning and knitting today.  I've earned it, right?  I need to get Deane's sweater to a point where I can just knit and not have to worry about fitting it - I'm doing the armhole shaping at the moment, which is a crucial point fit-wise - and I have a couple of other things I really should finish off and get out of the way.  Plus, I need to get stuck into the TdF spinning.  Cup of tea first though, I think.  Ooh, and it's lunch time.  Mmm, food...

Hope you're staying warm and dry, wherever you are.  Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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  1. I saw the news about your downpour! Poor you! I'm not sure what's worse.. having to do never-ending daily laundry or piling it all up into one giant wash. My washing basket is magic. It fill up as soon as I empty it. Sigh.