Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Not how I'd choose to spend my weekend...

We had a rather unpleasant incident at the kreachr household on Saturday. I noticed a strange gurgling noise emanating from the drain outside the downstairs bathroom window after my shower. I went out the front to investigate, and discovered that we had waste water overflowing from the drain, spilling across the carport and into the garage area. Yuck! Deane promptly phoned the landlord, who got his best plumber 'on the case'. We had to close all the windows on the front side of the house to avoid the smell wafting indoors. I had a quilt guild meeting to attend so escaped out the back and disappeared for several hours.
I was disappointed to discover upon my return (via the back door of course) that things were not much improved. As it transpired, the blockage was not one of our making, but a mains blockage caused by tree roots, some 25 metres from the property border. The local council had allegedly sent a representative to investigate, who determined that it was 'a private issue', and nothing to do with them. Which is odd, because he supposedly arrived at 2pm, but Deane and the plumbers had been out the front since 1.30pm and had seen no such person.

The plumbers did their best and cleared the blockage, informing us that the waste was not only ours, but also belonged to other households in the street, and was escaping from our drain because it was the lowest point. Well yay for us! They were not equipped to clean up the bio-hazard, so Deane had to speak to the council again and convince them it was their responsibility to send out a clean up crew. Which they did, thankfully. Rep #2 was horrified and peeved that Rep #1 considered it our responsibility. So some vindication there, but not overly satisfying considering the day we had.

I disappeared to the supermarket just as the clean up crew arrived, and was glad to see they'd finished and left before I got back. So I managed to escape the worst of it, but Deane and the boys were home most if the day. Not terribly fun.

Thankfully, Sunday was better. No horrible, odorous brown substances oozing out of drains. I went to knitting, then the family met up in town, did a spot of nerd-shopping (Magic: The Gathering game cards), then went to see Brave. Odd story-line, but thoroughly entertaining all the same. Lots of laughs, which was what I was hoping for.

It's now the second week of the school holidays. Monday was spent driving to Napier, and settling in to Nanny and Poppy's place. Today is full of cousins, toys, trampolines and noise. Lots and lots of noise. And Choco-ades :-)

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  1. Ooooooooh Yuck!! I'm glad it got sorted, but, wow. I hope the tree root gets removed so that it doesn't happen again. Enjoy the last week of the hols.