Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Go Kiwis!!!

OMG, how fun is it watching the Olympics?!?  Our guys and girls are doing fantastically well, don't you think?  So far, we have three golds, a silver and four bronze, with the men's 49er skiff sailers looking very likely to win silver.  For a little country of 4 million, I think that's pretty awesome.
I absolutely love watching the Olympics, and as a bonus, it has inspired me to get back into exercising regularly.  I'm thoroughly enjoying my weekly ice skating lesson, and still haven't hit the deck - only one lesson left at the moment, not sure if I'll sign up for more yet.  Might just go along to the odd public session during the day when it's quieter and practice.

I went for a run on Monday morning, and managed a fairly decent 5km - considering it was my first run since the 2nd April, I'm pretty happy with that.

I'm thinking a snowboarding lesson is in order - it's been eight years or so since I've been on the snow, and then it was only a day and a half of boarding, so what little skill I learned will be well and truly lost.  Looking forward to getting into it though.

I've been keeping track of my calorie intake and output via a snazzy wee website - Fatsecret New Zealand - really handy for keeping you on track and honest ;-)  I'm notoriously bad for tucking into the ol' junk food and lollies.  I have a serious sweet tooth.  Trying to replace junk with fruit now - we'll see how long that lasts ;-)

Trying to get stuck into my knitting too - less than a week left to finish my Ravellenics projects!!!  I've finished the back and front of my sweater, and have the sleeves and collar to go.  The socks are a little behind - only one and a bit cuffs dones, still have two whole socks to knit!!  Better get cracking...

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