Monday, 20 August 2012

That elusive sunrise...

I hit the pavement at 6am and took my phone with me in the hopes of getting some pictures of the sunrise.  Instead, I got a couple of piss-poor snaps of not much.  At my turn-around point, just as I reached the part of Tamaki Drive where the footpath is right next to the water (Judges Bay, just past The Strand), I stopped and pulled out my phone to get these:

This photo makes the sky look deceptively light.  It wasn't really.  So I took this (blurry) photo in the other direction, to show that it was actually still fairly dark:

I think I've mentioned before how crappy a photographer I am.  Turns out I'm even more so halfway through a run.  Not surprising I guess.

At any rate it was a nice run, and in my attempt at catching that elusive sunrise, I ran a little further, clocking 9km.  Should have a 10km under my belt by next week.  Unless my upcoming trip to Napier this weekend interferes.  I'm trying to decide whether I should cram my running gear into my one available carry-on bag for the trip.  I suppose it would give me even more incentive to not buy stacks of yarn at KAN...  What I should really be asking myself is will I have time for a run this weekend?  I mapped a course from my bff's house to my parents', and it's about 6.1km.  Fairly decent 'weekend away' run I suppose.  Perhaps I will pack my gear :-)  Can't guarantee I'll fit the run in though.

Simple projects will be packed for the weekend - I'm thinking the Hitchhiker scarf, with my scrummy Wollmeise yarn I won in Sock Madness.  Seems to be a popular project choice for this weekend, as it requires very little brain power which means people can natter and imbibe to their heart's content, and be in little danger of screwing up their work.  In theory, anyway.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll be keeping an eye out for other knitters' wonky hitchhikers ;-)

Wow, only four more sleeps to go now!  I love knitting weekends.  I love them even more when I know I'll be unencumbered.  The boys are staying here this weekend with Deane - yay!!!  With dinner planned for both Friday and Saturday night, an a movie squished in for good measure (Magic Mike - hurray for eye candy!), plus a class on Friday and Saturday afternoon, I think I have the weekend pretty much covered.

What will you be doing this weekend?

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  1. Lucky, lucky, you. One day, I might get to a knitting event. When my youngest is all grown up and won't freak at me leaving him for a weekend!!! I liked your sunrise pic. You just need to upgrade your camera!