Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The common cold

Damn you!!!  ::shaking fist indignantly::  You have ruined my plans for this week!  I was going to run 8km yesterday.  I was going to go snowboarding on Thursday.  Instead, I spent yesterday lounging about feeling icky, and today I have little energy to spare to get the housework done (although I did manage to use what energy I did have on a one hour ice skating lesson.  Perhaps that's my fault...).  I have a pile of unfolded washing positively glaring at me, and boy-mess-covered bathrooms that seriously need cleaning before the family is inflicted with some other unsightly virus or disease.  Gah!!  I can't even use the Olympics as an excuse for not getting things done, since it is now over for another four years.  Very sad.

I had considered going for a run anyway, but past experience and Sunday's arduous walk home from knitting indicates that this may be foolhardy.  Alas, I shall have to wait until this lurgy subsides.  Last week's efforts were for naught.

Chin up though, I managed to finish my Ravellenics projects in time to cross the 'finish line'.  Just.  The Rossling socks weren't too bad, I finished them on Sunday night:

The twined knitting was rather laborious, but I'm quite happy with the end result, and have learned another new technique courtesy of Sock Madness.  That group is fit to burst with amazingly creative and talented people!  This pair was knit with Shenanigans Long & Strong Sampson in the colourway 'Daffney Gillfin' (I think, it's hard to read the writing) that I purchased from Sip & Knit in Maitland, Florida.  It has the same look and feel of Knitsch yarn, but with 10% nylon content, which I hope will allow them to stand up to a little more wear.

As for my other project, the Bellevue sweater, I literally finished it while watching the Closing Ceremony, and sewed the buttons on at the last possible minute - 11am Monday morning NZ time which was the cut off date for finishing projects.  Phew!  Close call!  I'm very happy with the resulting sweater, and have worn it all day today - it really came in handy at the ice skating rink.

Yes, I am aware that the garden needs tending, but a) I am sick; and b) I hate gardening and will find any excuse to avoid it until the last possible moment (which is why reason a) is really handy right now, even if it is annoying and gross).  This sweater was knit with yarn that I've had in my stash for about three years - it has made a cabled scarf, a hat, some socks for dad, the epic aran afghan for my MIL last year, and now this sweater.  And I still have over a ball of it left.  Will I ever be finished with this yarn?!?!?  Perhaps, in hindsight, I over-bought.  But then, for $2.60 a ball, how could you go wrong?  Right?

Update: The washing has been folded.  However, it is now sitting in nice neat piles on the lounge floor, as I cannot summon the energy required for multiple trips up the stairs to put it all away.

I finished assignment #1 for my current paper (Archives Management - surprisingly interesting).  Glad that's over, now I can carry on with the second part, although some revision may be in order, since I put off studying all last week because of the Olympics/Ravellenics/I was too far ahead.  Next year, I'm definitely going to do more than one paper per trimester!

I am determined to go for a run tomorrow, even if it's only a short 5km and I spend the rest of the day comatose on the couch.  I'll let you know how I get on...

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  1. 107 Waiheke Island!!14 August 2012 at 22:12

    serious sweater envy happening here