Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Does it ever stop raining in Auckland?

Seems to me it rains every day.  If not all day, at least part of it.  I don't mind rain, but today T and his classmates went on a school day trip to Ambury Farm.  This trip would've been so much more fun for the kids if it wasn't raining off and on every 5-10 minutes.  And it's windy.  Poor mites, I can just imagine how soggy and cold they're all going to be by the time they arrive back at school :-(

It was a little wet this morning when I went out for my run too, although I managed to dodge any rainfall.  I was so excited to be going for a run, I could hardly get to sleep last night.  Ridiculous, I know.  I was awake before the alarm, and kept checking the clock every few minutes or so, just to be sure.  I turned the alarm off before it beeped, and hopped out of bed to get ready.  Couldn't find my usual merino beanie in the dark, so grabbed my Godric's Hollow hat on my way out (and you should've seen the rather interesting imprint pattern on my forehead when I took it off later!  Won't be wearing that one again either, unless I know I'm not going out for a good few hours afterwards).  I even did stretches, just to give my knees the best chance of behaving themselves.  I really hoped that I would be miraculously pain free after my week's rest.  Sadly, that was not to be.  I walked up and down the hills by my place, before starting to run on the flat.  As soon as I started running, my left knee hurt.  Things didn't improve, and before long, my right knee started having what I call sympathy pains (not really a bother, but seemingly only there to keep the left knee company). 

I finished a fairly decent 5km with a 6'13" average pace.  This seems to be my 'go-to pace' if that makes sense - this has been my average overall pace for as long as I can remember paying attention to it.  So not much chop in terms of distance or time, but when I logged into the Nike website to analyse my run, I was pleased to discover that not only have I been a Nike+ member for a whole year, I have clocked exactly 400km during that year, in 53 runs.  Not bad!  A record to beat for the next year, if my knee will play ball that is...

I had ice skating this morning, and my knee was very angry with me by the end of it.  After a sit down with a cup of tea and my leg up for half an hour, things were much improved, but I plan on having a little more discussion with my physio tomorrow.  Deane is of the opinion that I should give my knee a full six weeks to recover.  I'm of the opinion that I should be able to run, as long as I am cautious and stretch and strengthen it as much as possible while I'm at it.  Hence the discussion with the physio - I need his 'expert opinion'.  Hopefully he'll side with me ;-) 

The offending knee has had plenty more rest today, as I have been doing some work on my assignment (half done!!  Still a week and a half to finish the other half, yay!).  Hopefully it'll be back to okay tomorrow, ready for another run on Thursday.  Fingers crossed.

I had fun wandering through town yesterday, looking at running packs for when I (hopefully, eventually) go trail running.  I think I've narrowed it down a bit.  Went into The North Face, and all they had was this (comparatively) large running pack that was the full length of my back, and held a whopping 5.5 litres!  I hate to think how heavy that would be to carry.  The sales guy thought I was very entertaining - I put the pack on and did up all the straps, then bounced and twisted around - he found it quite hilarious.  I asked him questions like 'does it slosh?' to which he cracked up laughing (and may I point out that the info on the website for this pack actually says 'New doughnut reservoir prevents sloshing...' so I don't know why he thought it was so funny.  I am rife with indignation!! ;-p).  I think he thought I was a little mad...  At a price tag of $219 (no thanks!!) I made my excuses - 'gotta shop around', 'hoping hubby will buy me one for my birthday' etc etc, I escaped and went somewhere else.

Stirling Sports didn't have any in (sold out, apparently.  Don't think they actually sell them), but they were kind enough to direct me to Bivouac Outdoor just up the street a little.  There I discovered the wonders of Camelbak.  They had a good range instore, so I tried a few on for fit, size, comfort etc.  Most of their stock was better suited to hiking or cycling, but they did have one running-specific pack available.  Unfortunately, it was the men's version.  The women's version looks very much the same, but there are slight differences in the shaping of the straps and stuff that make it more suitable for the smaller feminine frame (and me being a rather short 5', that is important).  It appears that I am unable to get the Annadel instore here in New Zealand, but I can get one cheaper from Amazon (and that's including shipping!) - perhaps I'll add it to my birthday wishlist (which is getting to be quite extensive - I wonder what Deane will get me this year?  Coffee machineNike Sportwatch?  Running pack?  Some grungy old underwear and home baking because I'm getting too consumer-happy and need to get over it???).  Still have over a month to wait for that surprise.

Well, time to sign off - the boys have finished school now (and T informs me that they were under cover each time it rained, so they were very lucky timing-wise), and I have to get them organised for ice skating.  Stay dry, and enjoy the rest of your week :-)  What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Poor you! I stopped running for the very same reason. I hope your knee heals! Hiking was a great alternative for me. I still love a good long walk in the country. The bad thing is that unless you live in the country, it takes a while to get anywhere decent to walk in!

  2. Now when I go shopping for a hydration pack I'm going to have to ask if it sloshes or not!!
    I think I need new shoes first though - Nike+ is telling me that I am running more km's than I thought I had been, and my shoes are probably due for retirement/gardening duty.
    Hope that knee is behaving!