Friday, 28 September 2012

School Holidays. Again.

I'm not ready!!  Unfortunately, the kids most definitely are.  And so is the school.  Guess I don't really get a say in it...

This week has plodded along at its own pace, and I feel like I've just been swept along in its current.  I didn't get to study nearly as much as I'd have liked, which means that I'll have to try and cram some in to next week, while the kids are home.  Not sure how that will go to be honest.  I'll give it a crack at any rate, and hope for the best.

I have plenty of knitting to keep me occupied - the Rock Island shawl is coming along nicely, although, as with study, I haven't managed to get as much knitting done as I'd have liked either.  However, progress shot:

Of course, being lace, you won't get to see its fabulousness until it is all stretched out and blocked, but basically I just have to fill in that v-shaped gap in the middle with a whole lot of garter stitch and it'll be done.  Then it'll look much prettier :-)

The Step Ribbed Stole is coming along slowly - I'm only working on it a bit at a time, and it takes an hour to complete a full 18 row repeat:

As you can see, quite apart from the pattern itself, the yarn is creating some rather interesting effects.  I think I'll just go with it for now, although I'm not sure what'll happen when I get to the second skein.

I've been asked to knit another pair of vanilla soakers and a beanie for a wee boy turning one, to be a part of his first birthday party costume (because, seriously, who doesn't want to dress up for their first ever birthday party?  Pfft!) so I know I'll have plenty of simple knitting to keep me going over the next couple of weeks, while the kids are at home being their usual annoying selves ;-P

Sadly, while they are home, that means less exercise for me.  I can't go out for a run in the early morning before Deane heads to work (stupid knee injury!!), and swimming would be out of the question - I don't think the pool staff would be happy for me to leave my children unsupervised while I spend an hour swimming laps.  The pool does open at 5.30am, but while I am willing to beat the feet at that time of the morning, I don't think my enthusiasm extends quite far enough to be walking 20 minutes, jumping into a (supposedly warm) pool, then rushing through a shower and walking back home in time for Deane to head out the door.  I guess I'll see how I feel mid-next week - this may change.  My knee is slowly improving though, so I'm hoping very much to be able to go for a slow, short run perhaps next week or the week after.  I have another physio appointment next Tuesday, so fingers crossed I get the all-clear!

I have managed to swim a total of 3.5km this week - 1,500m on Tuesday, 1,200m on Thursday, and 800m today.  I did consider swimming 1,300m today to make it an even 4km, but I got a little tired, and my goggles kept fogging up and leaking which just pissed me off, so I kept it at the lower end.  Still, that's 1.4km more than last week, so I managed to achieve my goal.  As for the next couple of weeks?  See above paragraph.

Speaking of goals, I decided to set a proper, big goal for myself the other day.  I'm always making up little challenges for myself - knit such and such by this date, or run x number of kilometres, or beat last week's swimming time etc etc.  But never anything... big.  So as I was driving the kids home from ice skating on Tuesday (actually, it was just X - Deane had T in the other car), I got to thinking about things I'd like to do.  What would be possible for me to achieve, that is a reasonable challenge, but not overly ridiculous?  I do have a degree I'm studying for, that I hope to finish by the end of 2015, but that doesn't seem big enough.  Every man and his dog has a degree.  I guess that because I've been obsessing thinking a lot about running lately, that's what popped into my head.

So I have decided that I want to run a full marathon by the time I'm 36.  Which is also before the end of 2015, coincidentally.  Ooh, sounds like 2015 might be a big year...  Big enough to be considered 'Epic'?  (yes, the capital E is intentional).  Maybe ;-)

Note: reading my blog hurt my eyes - white text on dark background makes you see things funny after a while.  So I changed it again.  Hope it's a little easier to read now!


  1. I'm impressed with your knitting progress! I read somewhere that you can blend one skein with another by alternating row by row to minimise any dramatic change in colour effect - would that work?
    Go re the marathon - listen to the physio/knee and you will do it! I'd love to run a marathon one day - step by step though!

  2. That rock island shawl is to die for. I admire your lace knitting talent!! I suspect that would be my goal - conquer a full lace shawl. I think it's great you have a goal to run a marathon. I have full confidence you'll be able to do it.