Monday, 29 October 2012

That went well

Y'all are probably aware that I was running in the Auckland (Quarter) Marathon this past weekend.  I may have mentioned this previously.  A lot.  Here is my summary of the event:

I had thankfully managed to finish and submit my assignment the day before, so I was glad to have that out of the way.  Trimester complete!  Which meant I could focus on getting ready for Sunday.  Once the kids were out the door and off to school, I wandered into town to go browsing for some new running gear.  I have two pairs of running shorts that I've had since I started running over three years ago, and they're getting pretty manky and old.  I don't like them much.  I figured it's about time for some new ones.  So into Rebel Sport I went, spending a whole 45 minutes trying on pair after pair after pair of shorts.  The only ones I liked were super short shorts which weren't actually shorts (they were 'netball knickers' - you know, those things women wear under their netball skirts so they don't accidentally flash their lady parts), and some Nike shorts that were $70 (!!!).  I decided to give up on that, and headed to a couple of other places (Stirling Sports, which had far less selection and nothing I liked, and Cotton On Body which was all crappy.  I have some gear from Cotton On and I don't like it much so I'm not entirely sure why I went in there in the first place).

I had at least managed to kill enough time that the marathon registration expo was open, so I headed down to the Viaduct Event Centre to pick up my race pack.  Whilst there, I saw they had a car that was covered in writing.  On closer inspection (because I'm nosy) I discovered that it was actually covered in names.  Of all the people participating in the 2012 marathon.  Dude, my name is on a car!!  Check it out:

Pretty cool, huh?  Don't think that makes it my car though.  Oh well...

I arrived home in time to sign up for the latest Knitsch yarn club, for which I was the 'inspiration' (ahaha).  I had asked Tash for a custom dye of Tennant (a gorgeous Doctor Who blue) on DK weight yarn so I could knit a cardigan with it.  She thought this such a good idea, she decided to set up a special one-off yarn club where you could order as much DK as you wanted in Tennant or Rose (a new colourway, inspired by one of the Doctor's companions.  No prizes for guessing which one ;-P).  Then I had lunch and got stuck into my race pack.  The 'goodies' weren't too bad this year (this is after having filtered out a veritable mountain of leaflets):

The toothbrush made me laugh.  I guess it was for after you'd eaten the lollies :-)  I left this stuff laid out on the floor, so when the boys got home they divvied up the 'good stuff' (X got the popcorn, T got the bagel bites, and they shared the lollies) and left me with the rest.  I have no idea who's going to eat the chicken - canned chicken kinda grosses me out - but I enjoyed the crunchy muesli bars so much I went out and bought some more.  They're really good!  As for the race shirt and my official number:

I didn't care much for the colour combo, plus the shoulders of the shirt were kind of weird.  When you lifted your arms away from your body, they sort of peaked up a bit - reminded me of Professor McGonagall's coat in Deathly Hallows:

And they always say you shouldn't wear new gear during a race, so I decided to just keep it as a souvenir (like last year's garish bright green shirt) and wear my normal gear.  The afternoon/evening was spent cleaning the entire upstairs - my housework has been a little neglected of late, with study etc taking centre stage, so the place was in desperate need of a spring clean.  I wanted to get it done before this week so my week between trimesters wasn't filled with boring housework stuff.  I think I managed to fit a bit of knitting in somewhere too.

Deane spent the day out fishing with his mates and their new boat.  He got up at 6am (very rare for Deane) and didn't get back until about 8pm, so I was home all day with the boys.  This gave me the opportunity to spring clean the rest of the house and get all the laundry done.  I was rather pleased to have it all finished.  Not so pleased to have the entire kitchen covered in fish scales and guts after the intrepid fishermen (and woman) returned with two large snapper and a few mackerel.  I cooked them dinner then sat down and knit (I'd eaten pasta earlier with the boys - a bit of carbo-loading before the race).  I'm not a fan of eating dinner at 9.30pm, nor am I big on fish, so this was fine with me.  The kitchen got cleaned before I went to bed (a combined effort), so I knew I didn't have to worry about it when I got up in the morning.

Sunday - Race Day
I couldn't really sleep much, which I guess isn't surprising, so I ended up getting up at 5.30am.  This gave me time to have breakfast, which I had previously planned to avoid.  Nothing worse than needing to go to the loo in the middle of a run, especially when you're in a race and trying to get a good time!  It was a light breakfast, but low GI which would help keep me fueled for my run.  Then I had time to potter around and get ready at a leisurely pace.  By 6.20am I was ready to head out the door.  I dropped my gear bag at Victoria Park, and headed over to the start line.  Did a few stretches, and it was time to go.  The countdown started, the gun went off, and the shuffle began.  A short while later, I crossed the start line and began my running app.  Unfortunately, I had failed to turn off the music option, so my phone was blaring away with no way to mute it.  This meant I had to stop the app and restart it, so my race stats are a little out.  No matter.  It also meant my start was a little slow because I was distracted, but again, no matter.  Once I settled in, everything was fine.  I was feeling good, and I was happy.  By the time we hit 1km (or rather, a little after since my app was a little behind) I was into a rhythm, and settled into a relatively quick (for me) pace of 5:23.  Knowing I wouldn't be able to keep it up for a full 10km, I slowed down a smidge and kept going.

I was very happy to see that we had a little entertainment and encouragement along the way:

Excuse the blurriness - I was running sideways while snapping the second pic.  I believe they found that quite amusing :-)  At about the 5km mark just past Ngapipi Road was the turnaround to head back to Victoria Park and the finish line.  On this journey back, I got a bit of an eyeful that made me chuckle.  I saw an older man jogging along with his race shirt and number on, and the most unusual pair of bike shorts I've ever seen.  The print on them made it look like he was naked from the waist down.  I'll let you picture that in your head for a minute....... yep, funny :-)

By 7km I was still feeling good with a pace around 5:35, and by 8km I knew I had it in the bag.  My knee was a tiny bit niggly, but nothing drastic.  I finished at about the same pace, and had a wee smile when I heard my name announced (wonder if they got a photo of that?).  Unfortunately, I was mucking around with my phone so I could stop the app and didn't get a good look at the timer clock, so I was unsure of my finishing time at that stage.  I was also looking around for Deane and the boys, and my friends who said they would be there to cheer me on.  I didn't see them.

Through the finish chute I went, grabbing some water, banana and a Powerade on the way, and dropping my timing chip into the bucket.  I headed back to my gear bag and phoned Deane.  Turns out T was being uncooperative, and they hadn't made it to the finish line in time to see the end of my run.  Nor had my friends (one of which was  sleeping off a bit of sun stroke from their fishing trip the day before).  Deane had been thoughtful enough to bring me some breakfast, as I had told him I wouldn't be eating any before the race.  Of course, I'd ended up eating breakfast anyway so I didn't need it, but the thought was there.  After a bit of a chat with him and the boys and our late-arriving friend, they headed off home again, and I hung around for a while hoping to see a couple of friends finish their half and full marathons (unfortunately I missed both).

I headed home a bit later and had a shower, then we went across to the school where the annual Italian Festival was on, and had some lunch.  By late afternoon, the results were up on the website.  My official time?  59 minutes, 50 seconds.  I had just scraped in under the one hour mark!  Sooooo happy!!!!!!!  (Official time is when the clock starts to when you cross the finish line.  Net time is when you physically cross the start line to when you cross the finish line, so the net time is the one that counts).  I beat last year's time by four and a half minutes! 

A vast improvement on last year's experience, I don't believe that race could have gone any better.  The only thing that could have made it better would've been having Deane and the boys there in time to see me finish.  Oh well, there's always next year ;-)  Now I'm just waiting for the race photos to be available so I can see how awful and red-faced I looked.  They're probably all of me looking at my phone...

All in all, I'm very happy that my training didn't let me down, and the physiotherapy has worked.  My knee held up very well, and there are no lasting effects from the longer distance.  To thank my physio, I'm... (drumroll please)... knitting him a pair of socks to say thanks.  I've finished one so far:

These are Escalator socks (which I thought was kinda funny, because y'know, I couldn't walk up and down stairs for a while without my knee hurting so would use the escalators whenever I could, but now I don't need to because it's all better... anway...), knit in Patons Patonyle.  I'm hoping to get the other one finished over the next couple of days so I can take them with me for my (probably) last appointment.

Next, I'm going to be knitting some plain vanilla socks.  I've been wanting to try some 9" circulars for a while now, so I ordered a pair last week.  Some people swear by them, others hate them.  I'm willing to give them a try and see how I get on.  They arrived in the mail this morning, and they're quite weeny:

The tips are very short (about an inch) so the whole circular can be 9" - the average circumference (with a bit of stretch) of an adult sock (give or take half an inch or so).  In comparison to my usual circulars, which have 5" tips, this should be quite a different knitting experience.  Apart from some gardening I need to do, and feeding the troops of course, I have all week to conduct this experiment, so I'll let you know next post how I'm getting along.

As for this post, it's getting rather long now and I'm sure you all have things to do, so I must dash.  I'll leave you with a picture of the ridiculously large amount of biscuits I baked last night, for the kids' school lunches:

They are rather yummy, if I do say so myself ;-)  Right, time to go cook dinner.  Have a good week!!

Edited to add: The quarter marathon was a personal best time for me - my fastest 10km at 55:55.  And the photos are now available - I'm smiling, and don't actually look too bad.  Much better than last year's photos, when I was trying not to pass out!!!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Looooooooooong weekend

The long weekend is drawing to a close.  Half the children are in bed, and the other half is heading there very shortly.  Unlike Hawke's Bay (who had a four day weekend, or in the case of my niece and nephew a five day weekend due to a teacher only day on Thursday) ours was like most - a three day weekend.

Saturday morning (after a breakfast of bacon, poached eggs and yogurt rolls) was spent with friends at Crafternoon Tea, then we headed to Armageddon where I caught up with Deane and the boys.  We spent the entire afternoon right throught until 5pm absorbing all the nerdiness we could possibly fit in.  I was especially pleased to see several girls in TARDIS dresses, and the cutest little guy wearing an eleventh doctor costume.  It was adorable!!!  And we got sucked into the vortex surrounding the United Sweets stand.  We couldn't escape without grabbing some American goodies - I was overjoyed to discover they had graham crackers, and just HAD to buy some.  I've been missing these since we ran out earlier in the year.  One of the things I actually liked about America...  We also got Twizzlers, PopTarts (various flavours), PB&J (surprisingly good), Twinkies, and a few other bits and pieces.  All I wanted was the graham crackers, but whatever.  They're opening a store in the Sylvia Park mall soon, so hopefully I'll have a ready supply of graham crackers to hand in the near future.  I'm thinking of contacting them to see if they can import Deane's favourite sauce.

There were many neat costumes, many crazy costumes, and a whole huge lot of people.  It was a fun day, the boys enjoyed it and got to play some of the new and soon-to-be-released XBox games.

Sunday absolutely bucketed down almost non-stop all day, so we cosied up inside for the day.  I made pancakes for breakfast with cornmeal and oats (found the recipe in the latest Runner's World magazine).  I was expecting the kids to complain, but they happily devoured them without a peep.  T had two, which I wasn't expecting, they were quite filling.  I only managed two myself!  I spent a large part of the day knitting a stranded argyle knee-high sock (more on this later), but did stop to cook dinner.

This morning, thankfully, the weather had cleared and I headed out for a run.  I took my headphones with me - something I haven't done in a while - and ran around the viaduct area, which is pretty standard when I'm running a short distance.  What I didn't realise was that the triathlon world champs were still going on.  I ended up running alongside the triathletes competing in the running leg of their race (although outside of the actual track the athletes were running in).  I had to cross the course at one point, in between runners.  The combination of fast-paced music and inspirational international athletes spurred me on to run my fastest 5km to date - 26:31, with an average pace of 5'17" per km.  Excuse my lack of modesty, but I was impressed! ;-)  The rest of the day was spent (unsurprisingly), cooking (mmm, yummy lunch!), eating, knitting and cleaning (not much of the latter to be honest, but it still counts).  I managed to finish one of the knee-highs:

Awesome, huh?  The pattern is Neptune High, and it's knit with Happy Go Knitty BFL sock yarn.  I'm looking forward to wearing them, when I manage to get the other one knit (which will have to wait until I've finished the 2,000 word essay I have to write by Friday!!!)

I plan on heading out for another 5km run on Thursday, albeit much slower, as the quarter marathon is this Sunday.  I do not expect to break any records, or even beat my time of last year for that matter, but I do believe my knee is strong enough to manage the full 10.55km race.  I ran a 7km last Friday (as per the physio's instructions) and although my knee felt a little niggly towards the end, I managed it okay, and there were no lasting effects.  So fingers crossed!!!  I've signed up to have my real-time progress updated on a live feed on Facebook, so if you happen to be up at 6.45am next Sunday (unlikely, I know) feel free to check out my timeline to see how I'm getting on :-)

Otherwise, I'll let you know next week.  Until then, have a good one!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Back to school

Hallelujah!!!  The kids went back to school this morning.  What a relief!  Time to myself again, to go to the supermarket, walk into town, run errands, study, do the housework, or even just to sit in peace and quiet and knit.  Oh, the blessed quiet.  It's the little things in life...

Last week was a busy one - Monday saw us driving down to Napier.  It was a leisurely six hour drive with a couple of stops on the way.  Tuesday morning I managed a short but successful 3km run.  No pain, no niggles, nothing.  It was awesome, and I was ridiculously happy.  It was a lovely sunny day in the bay, and we went out for lunch.  The kids had a bit of a play around on the beach while waiting for the food to arrive:

Wednesday was spent running errands, visiting friends and family, and hanging out with the cousins, which is pretty standard for our Hawkes Bay visits.  Thursday was a lovely day as well.  We headed up to Te Mata Peak and went for a bush walk, and X was being his usual daggy self:

We went up to the Peak and checked out the gorgeous views:

Rather stunning, don't you think?  Such a lovely country we live in.  That evening, everyone called around to my parents' house for a barbecue, to celebrate my 33rd birthday.  A good time was had by all, and it gave the kids the excuse to stay up ridiculously late.  My sister gave me the most hilarious (and appropriate) birthday card:

On the back it said 'next time I'll just run around the block'.  Haha :D

Friday, I headed out for another run.  I intended to go for a 5km, but the knee was feeling a little niggly, so I erred on the side of caution and cut it down to 4km.  That night we went to my MIL's place, and enjoyed a fantastic roast lamb dinner. Oh, how I love roast lamb!  It think it may be my most favourite meal.  Absolutely divine.

Saturday was the usual last-time visits with all and sundry, then we hit the road early afternoon to head back home.  Unfortunately, the weather had turned rather nasty, and we had to endure gale-force winds and driving rain while travelling the Napier/Taupo road.  Not terribly pleasant, but we managed to get through it all the same.

While in Napier, I didn't get any study done at all (no surprise really), but I got plenty of knitting done.  I finished the Elementary Watson socks I had been working on:

I had cut it pretty close with the first sock, with only a couple of metres of yarn left from the first ball.  With the second sock, I entered into a game of 'yarn chicken' while working on the ribbing.  Unfortunately, the yarn won, and I only had enough for ten rows of ribbing.  Which meant I had to undo the bind off on the first sock and frog back a couple of rows so they would match.  If I had a little more yarn, I'd have knit another repeat or two on the leg, however I'm happy with the overall result.  The pattern was easily memorised, the heel much the same, and I could quite easily (and probably will) knit the pattern again.  I hope the intended recipient likes them too - they'll be posted tomorrow, and should be handed to him this weekend.

I also cast on and knit most of the Peacock Shawlette while in Napier, and ended up binding it off on Saturday night after arriving home, which meant I could block it Sunday morning.  I'm rather pleased with the result, and the colour is beautiful:

I'm rather glad I frogged the socks now ;-)

I had managed to finish the butt-cover and beanie before we left as well, and the wee boy's mum was very happy with them:

Which meant that as soon as the shawl was off the needles, I could cast on for an 'instant gratification' project (because a shawl in a week just doesn't cut the mustard, apparently...).  I cast on a kindle cover while at knitting on Sunday, and finished the last five rows and grafting when I got home, bringing the total time for the project to three and a half hours:

I knit this using some leftover handspun I had lying around.  And the cool thing is that it fits both my kindle and Deane's, which came in handy this morning when I was heading out the door and couldn't find my cover. 

Suddenly finding myself yet again without a project on the needles (the stole doesn't count, I am studiously ignoring it at the moment), I cast on this hat (in the larger, floppy size.  Because it looks awesome).  Great Southern Yarns is having a LOFT/Shelter craft-along, and the pattern was generously gifted to me just so I could (or rather, would) participate.  So, armed with my recently-purchased-specifically-for-the-craft-along skein of LOFT in 'Sweatshirt', I cast on.  So far I've managed ten rows of ribbing.  No hurry, the -along goes until the end of November.  I may stray a little, and cast on these socks...

So, how was your week?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

That is my motto for the week. I headed out for a run on Wednesday morning, and only managed 500 metres before having to stop and walk home. I was very disappointed and sulked the rest of the day.

I had another appointment with the physio on Friday and I was running late (washing and drying such long hair takes time you know). I had to run/walk to get there in time, and it seemed to be okay, including running up a hill. After some discussion and assessment, we decided to axe the swimming for now (since that hurts my knee and may be delaying recovery), go back on anti-inflammatories, more rest, more strengthening exercises, and give it another go next Tuesday. I am quietly optimistic. I won't go so far as to say excited, as this has proved a bit of a jinx thus far.

I went a little crazy yesterday though, and signed up for the North Shore half marathon next September. That's nearly a year away. Plenty of time to train for it, right? I wonder if there's enough of a gap between 1st September and 27th October for recovery time? I wanted to do the Auckland half marathon too. Hmm, personal challenge. I like those :-)

The kids and I have managed a couple of outings this week, despite the on/off rain that seems to be a constant in Auckland (I really don't like the weather here much). On Thursday we went to see Madagascar 3, which was of course hilarious, and yesterday spent a couple of hours at MOTAT, where we cooked damper over an open fire, dug for kauri gum, went gold mining, and made butter by hand. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and absolutely devoured the damper with fresh butter they'd made themselves. Well, mostly. Skinny little kid arms get tired of all the effort required to shake cream long enough to produce butter. So of course mum had to step in and finish the job. Mum also had to finish cooking the damper when the fire got too hot. Still, it was a fun experience for them. T wanted to make more bread when we got home so I found a recipe for oven damper (basically just a large scone), and they had some with more of their butter for an after-dinner treat. I must say, it was rather yummy.

As was my lunch yesterday. I've been trying to help Deane lose a bit of weight by making a salad and sending it off to work with him every morning. But plain old lettuce salad gets boring, so I've been trying out different stuff, and its absolutely amazing how much variation there is in the world of salads. Yum!!! I look forward to trying out more in the coming weeks! Can't guarantee Deane will lose any weight though...

I received my assignment results yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to discover I had done quite well, achieving 82%! That's two As so far for this paper. The last assignment is due late October (right before the quarter marathon), so at least I'll have some time to get it done after the kids go back to school, because I've only managed a couple hours study while they've been home. I didn't expect much.

I have had time to knit though, and have finished the vanilla soakers:

Don't they look ridiculously funny? Imagine them on a baby butt - that might help. These were knit with Skeinz Urban DK yarn, and I used about 1.5 balls for the medium size. I omitted a few rows on the leg bands because I figured they were long enough. Next up, a plain black beanie, which will be knit in the same yarn. But black. Obviously.

I have also knit one sock of a pair:

These are the Elementary Watson socks, the pattern for which is inspired by an Aran sweater worn by Doctor Watson in the TV series Sherlock (which btw is awesome). I started knitting the first sock while watching the first episode of Elementary (another Sherlock program, gosh there are a few...). I thought that was kinda funny, in a nerdy sort of way. And did I mention they're for somebody with the surname Watson? Yep, I'm a dork. I love the pattern - it's really easy to memorise, which of course makes the knitting go faster. And it has cables. Y'all know I'm a fan of cables :-) The yarn - Waikiwi (possum/alpaca/merino/nylon) - is not the best choice to show the stitch definition, but oh, do I love that colour! This is my first fleegle heel too. I quite like the construction but must admit the short rows feel like they go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r... I tried the sock on Deane's foot, and it fits nicely. I may end up knitting more.

Hmm, seems my little rule of never knitting the same pattern twice is falling by the wayside a bit, huh? Oh well, I don't think the knitting police will be knocking on my door anytime soon. If I start knitting hideous shawls in furry feathered novelty yarn, however...

I'm itching to cast on another shawl (or maybe this one), but think I'll knock out the baby beanie first. Methinks the shawl should be well and truly started by Monday ;-)

Enjoy your weekend! I hope it brings you some sunshine.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good news!!!

I started my day early this morning - 5.40am-ish.  I got up, had breakfast, dressed, then headed out the door with my backpack.  A brisk walk to the Tepid Baths, and a 1,200m swim.  I had plenty of time for a 1,500m swim, but the pool is very busy that time of the morning - I had to share my lane with three or four other people, some of which were faster than me, and it got a little annoying after a while so I decided to just get out of the way.

On the plus side, it gave me more time for the shower/hair-dry stuff afterwards.  I had an appointment to make - the all-important physio session.  I went to a cafe and had a quiet cup of tea to prepare, then walked into the physio office right on 8.30am for my appointment.  Long story short, I got the go-ahead to get back into running!  He stressed that it was very important I take it slowly - start with a short 3 or 4km run on flat ground, and definitely have a rest day the next day.  And be absolutely sure to stretch both before and after, and keep doing my exercises!  So I will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning for a short test run.  Oh, I can't wait!!  I will be able to go for another run on Friday, before the next physio appointment to assess how the first/second run went, and go from there.  I'm excited!

In other good news, I finished my Rock Island shawl!  Our Sunday knitting group was rather quiet this weekend, just Zoe and myself, but it was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside for lunch and chatted about all things geeky (latest TV programs, our respective studies, current knits and projects to be started... the usual).  During that time, I managed to finish the garter stitch section of the shawl, and she happened to have a wee bag of goodies that not only included the shawl pattern (which she will be knitting herself shortly) but also a tapestry needle so I could graft the last stitches together.  I blocked it that evening, and here is the resulting shawl:

Oh, it's so pretty!!  Although I have no idea when/where I'll wear it.  I was joking that I would have to find some random author to hand it to.  You may recall a couple of incidences in my recent past involving hand knit lace shawls/scarves and well-known authors at book signings...

Anyway, this shawl, again, is the Rock Island shawl designed by the most fabulous Jared Flood.  The pattern is very well written and easy to follow, and in fact relatively easy to knit, although I guess that would depend on your knitting experience.  I was a little dubious about it, as I had heard people commenting on how they'd had trouble with the two-sided lace with no 'rest rows', and the chart having the same symbol for different knit stitches, depending on what side you were working on.  I actually found it pretty straight-forward, and only had to tink back two rows - Deane's fault for distracting me with inane questions and snuggly kisses.  It took me half an hour to knit the two (rather long) rows, and about two hours to un-knit them.  I was unimpressed to say the least.  However, the rest went swimmingly, and all up it only took me two and a half weeks to knit, with about a week's break in the middle (between the border and the lace on the body).  It is knit using a skein of the most glorious merino silk lace yarn from Spinning A Yarn in the colourway 'smoke and mirrors'.  It's beautifully soft, and lovely to work with.  I'd recommend it to anyone.  And interestingly, I still have 33g of the 100g skein left!  There was 600m in the skein, and the pattern is supposed to use 600m of yarn, so I have no idea what happened, but I apparently only used 402m.  Oh well, no complaints here :-)

I've now caught the lace knitting bug, and have decided to knit this Peacock Shawlette next, using yarn from a frogged pair of socks.  I had stalled on a pair of Anchor Me socks some time ago - I reached the gusset increases then lost all enthusiasm for them.  To be honest I was only knitting the pattern because I wanted to try out the really neat chain cable in the middle of the sock - I have no interest in boats, boating, or anything of the nautical persuasion, so these socks really didn't fit with me.  I guess it's no surprise then, that I finally came to the decision to rip them completely and reuse the yarn for something pretty.  I think the shawlette fits well with the gorgeous blue of the yarn, and I might be casting this shawl on soon.  Or a pair of these awesome Elementary Watson socks, using some lovely Waikiwi I purchased from The Little Craft Store before it closed.  I haven't decided yet.  First, I have to finish knitting the Vanilla soaker - only the leg bands to go:

I must say, they look a little weird without the leg bands.  Of course, they'd also look much better on a nappy-covered baby butt.  I don't currently have one of those - these are for a wee boy turning one in Napier.  I'll probably be seeing him soon.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the yarn is a lovely bright red - I'm knitting these out of Skeinz Urban DK yarn.  At only $5 a ball, and machine washable, it was an easy choice to make.  I also need to knit the child a beanie, but that won't take long - I'll probably leave it as a simple project to work on while we're in Napier next week.

Ooh yes, even more good news - my Bellevue sweater was featured in the latest Twist newsletter!  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you'll see moi!!  How cool is that?!?!?

In the okay-news-but-not-as-good-news section, the boys are home for school holidays (sigh) and yesterday we did some baking:

Chocolate chip mini-muffins (that T helped with), and monochromatic rainbow biscuits (that X helped with).  Monochromatic because they're clearly all brown, rainbow because the original recipe called for Smarties.  We didn't have Smarties, and I didn't see the point in going to the dairy in the rain to get some when we had leftover chocolate chips, so we just used those.  Of course, this resulted in a ridiculously unhealthy lunch.  I don't think it'll kill them...

So that is all the happenings in the kreachr household.  Today has been on/off wet again, and I've been in the kitchen for half the day making an asparagus quiche for dinner, and some wholemeal rolls that turned out horribly and ended up in the bin.  Tomorrow I think we'll get out of the house and go see a movie (if it's wet) or go to MOTAT.  What are you up to this school holidays??