Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm still here!!

I haven't updated for a wee while, but it's been a little busy this week.  Organising X's 10th birthday party which is on this Saturday, the same day I will be trying my best to watch every Twilight movie there is with my bff.  She arrives tonight (so excited!!) so maybe we can watch the first one this evening, then while all the boys are downstairs LAN gaming tomorrow (yep, totally nerdy) we'll be upstairs watching New Moon and Eclipse, and maybe Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.  We will of course be on feeding and watering duty - nine boys and a man will need fuel for their activities - so there will be breaks in between.  Whether we manage to watch all of them or not, I can't say.  But some time this weekend, we will be going to watch the last Twilight movie - Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2.  We have been waiting for this movie for some time, and are really looking forward to seeing it!

Otherwise I have been studying my butt off, trying to get ahead on this paper so I don't have to study over the week of Christmas, and so I can (if all goes to plan) head off to Vancouver in late January without having to worry about assignments.  It's been quite a mission as this paper is on Information Systems.  Something I'm not very clued up on.  Why do you think I have Deane? ;-)  I have managed to get comfortably ahead this week I think, but had to sacrifice a few things, namely, exercise.  Last week I ran 25.5km, and cycled a little under 59km.  This week...     *cue chirping crickets*

To be honest, my knee was quite niggly after the 12km I ran on Sunday so I intentionally avoided heading out for a run earlier in the week to rest it.  However, I really got stuck in to the whole study thing (I'm learning heaps!) and made excuses (to myself, because nobody else cares), filling in non-study time with Christmas knitting, running errands, housework, various child/adult appointments etc.  I probably could've squeezed a run in this morning (in fact, still could) but... eh.  There's always next week, right?  This week is for eating terribly bad food (although really, how bad could a chocolate muffin be if it is made with beetroot?  Certainly not as bad as two chocolate muffins made with beetroot.  Must stop eating the chocolate muffins) and put on a kilo or two, and next week I will run it off again.  Seriously, that does happen.  A lot.  Could this be termed yo-yo dieting?  Or yo-yo exercising?

Yes, this weekend I will be enjoying all sorts of fine fare - frozen yoghurt from the most awesomest of awesome places - Whites & Co., like this one I had earlier in the week:

Vanilla frozen yoghurt with fresh strawberries, chocolate brownie, and valrhona dark chocolate covered biscuit pearls.  Yummy!!!

...and birthday food.  I asked X a few questions about what he would like to eat on his birthday, and it was quickly decided that we would have chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and roast pork with 'crackle skin' for dinner (I'll be skipping that I think.  Not a fan of pork).  And of course, 'classic' chocolate cake for the birthday cake.  Sweet as :-)  It'll be the usual early start to Saturday morning to get the waffles made, so we can head to Britomart by 8.30am for the market where I'll be gathering vegetables for dinner, and fruit for the attempt at a slightly healthier party snack (amidst the pizza, lollies, chocolate and chippies that is standard at any kiwi kids' party).  And the aforementioned frozen yoghurt of course ;-)

I have also been knitting as much as possible, but you can't see any of it because it is all for Christmas pressents.  The big reveals will have to wait until after - I'll have to do a big post with all the pictures.  I did however manage to knit a cute little Milo vest for the receptionist at the physio - she's pregnant and going to have a boy, so I couldn't resist using up some gorgeous light blue yarn I had in my stash:

Milo vest with aran braid, knit with Naturally Loyal DK (8 ply) - 3 month size.  I had also intended to knit some cute little baby socks and give her those as well, but I managed to knit each sock with a different sized needle.  Because I am freakishly amazing.  Really, I even have a t-shirt that says so:

 So the socks didn't exactly match:

Although it only takes a few hours to knit one, I figured it wasn't that important and the time would be better spent knitting Christmas gifts and doing other stuff, so they've been put away for some other time when somebody else needs a quick baby gift.

Anyway, must dash.  I have an appointment to get to, then housework to finish amidst baking and decorating a birthday cake and preparing a temporary bedroom for my bff's stay.  Have an excellent weekend people, I know I will!!

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  1. I was looking at those T-shirts the other day, but decided it was probably pushing the truth a bit much for me! Hopefully your study break will be good for your knee and it recovers soon.
    Right - off to click that link and find out where White's & Co is!