Thursday, 3 January 2013


Its always good to have something to work towards.  Gives you something to focus on, something to do.  And the sense of achievement when you reach your goal is awesome.  If you don't reach that goal?  Motivation to work harder.  I set goals for myself all the time, small and large.  I find they help me get through the days - being a stay-at-home-mum can be challenging in that you find yourself filling days with pointless meanderings.  I could waste weeks wandering through town, having coffee or lunch, visiting friends, sitting on the computer browsing the internet (and hours upon hours on Pinterest!), reading, watching TV series and movies, etc etc etc.  This type of thing is not particularly productive though, and seems to me to be a waste of time.  Sure, I like to have the occasional day of doing hardly anything (we all need a lazy day every now and then), but lists of 'things to do' are very handy to have.

I am in awe of those amazing people that manage to juggle full time employment, family, 'extra-curricular' activities, and sometimes even study, like my bff.  She is my hero.  Three kids, a mortgage, full time job, two or three other things on the go (sports and a stage show usually), and part time study (although still more than I study currently).  And a single mum!  Astounding!  I guess I'm just really glad, and very lucky, to be able to have extra time to be able to decide what I want to do and when.  Hence the goals to keep me motivated and moving.  So after all that waffling, its time to list some goals for 2013!  Here we go...

  • Run 2,013 kilometres in 2013.  That's a pretty hefty goal, and will require an average of 38.7km per week.  But with the two half marathons coming up later in the year, and training for these, I think I might be able to do it.  Fingers crossed for an injury free year!
  • Finish my Diploma and start my Degree.  Once I've finished the current paper in late February, I'll be halfway through the Diploma.  I plan to study two papers in Trimester One and Two this year, which will mean I can finish it and get started on the Degree sooner.  And the cool thing is, every paper studied for the Diploma can be cross-credited to the Degree, which will mean the Degree will be one third complete already!  Awesome :-)
  • With the increased amount of study, there won't be as much time for reading, but I'd still like to get through at least 30 books.  Leisurely reading is an important part of life for me.  Keeps me sane.  Mostly.
As for knitting and spinning, I'll play that by ear.  But I would like to at least get these made:

  • Versio hoodie.  It was on last year's list but I didn't quite get to it.
  • Fingerless mitts.  I have the perfect yarn in my stash for these.
  • Cassidy hoodie.
  • Neptune High socks.  Halfway through this pair, better get the other one knit!
  • Citron shawl in handspun
  • Cloud Illusions shawl
  • Dryad scarf
  • Atmospheric shawl
  • Stole in handspun
  • Sweater for Deane
  • Sweater for X
  • Sweater for T
  • Sweater for niece
  • Sweater for nephew (although he may not wear one - must consult with his mum)
  • Socks.  Lots of socks.  Although maybe not 28 pairs.  Perhaps a goal of at least 12 pairs will be okay...
  • I also would like to make an afghan, but I haven't decided yet whether it will be knit or crochet.  Plenty of time to decide though :-) 
I'd also like to get some more spinning done this year, as I did very little last year. 

Well, that's all I can think of for now.  Small goals by many standards, but something to keep me busy for 2013.  I've never been one for New Year resolutions (they hardly ever pan out anyway), but continuing on doing what you do, with improvements along the way, seems like a good thing.  Do you have resolutions or goals for this year?  What about previous years, did you achieve what you set out to do?  I hope 2013 is a happy and productive one for you :-)

Right, I'm off to attempt some brioche nanterre, sans mixer.  Should be interesting...


  1. So many projects! I can't wait to see them all!

  2. I expected nothing less from you. I bet you'll get it all done too. Good luck for injury-free running time!