Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Oops, missed a bit...

I forgot to include in my 2012 roundup that I ran the Auckland quarter marathon in October sub-one hour, straight out of injury recovery, and still beat last year's time. I was pretty proud of that. Just thought I'd mention it...

Also, I had a wee look back at all the stuff I made for Christmas, aside from all the socks. In summary, I made:

1kg+ of peppermint bark
120+ gingerbread cookies
50 shortbread cookies (2 batches - they were big this year)
70 truffles
96 mini fruit mince tarts
200+ choc-dipped pretzels
2.8kg fruit mince
2 litres tomato ketchup
1.6 litres bread and butter pickles
2 jars beetroot relish
4 jars dukkah
1 plum pudding for Christmas dinner

I like making stuff :-)

Everybody has their own Christmas traditions, and I'm enjoying establishing my own. It has been decided collectively by the family that every Christmas I shall make shortbread, peppermint bark, and plum pudding. Added to the list this year was the gingerbread cookies and fruit mince tarts. They were so popular and delicious that they will be included in future Christmas essentials lists. I'm cool with that. Although I may have to make larger batches...

The kids (all four - my boys, plus niece and nephew) received special letters from Santa this Christmas, requesting larger stockings. The ones they have are small, as I had made them for the kids when they were babies. This of course means that hardly anything fits anymore. It seems the larger the child, the larger the stocking stuffers. Guess I'd better get onto it then, huh? ;-) I can't decide though, what type of stockings I should make. Patchwork (which is what they currently have), plain ol' sewn stockings, cross-stitch linen, or knit? Maybe I should make them all different ones? Decisions, decisions... Any ideas people? Recommendations? What Christmas stockings do you have?

While I mull this over a little more, and ruminate on the 2013 list of things-to-do, I'm going to sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea and a good book. That's what the holiday season is for, right? I hope your 2013 has started well. I know mine has.

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  1. I feel tired just reading your posts. I don't know where you get the energy! Well done you on the most amazing and fabulous knits of 2012! Looking forward to seeing what you can push yourself to do in 2013!!