Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Several random things

1. I had a scary encounter this morning on my run.  I was heading through Bouzaid Way from Viaduct Harbour Avenue to Fanshawe Street when I saw a man walking towards me.  I smiled and kept going.  He tried to step in my way but I managed to dodge him, then he waved his arms in my face and started yelling abuse at me.  It was a little daunting, and I was very glad it was later in the morning and not my usual running time of around 6.30am.  I was also glad that it was at the end of my run and I was heading home.  Time for a relaxing cup of tea I think!

2. My fruit and vegetable box gets delivered this afternoon, yay!  I'm looking forward to trying a persimmon - I've never eaten one that wasn't dried or baked into a cake.

3. I have sewn together all the body pieces of my Cassidy cardigan, and I'm not sure I like the sizing.  One of the downsides of knitting a garment in pieces - you never really know for sure how it's going to look until you've put it together.  Also, the sleeve shoulder seams are not to my liking.  I don't quite know what to do about that right now, so it's going to sit in a corner while I think about it.

4. We're having apple cider pork and potatoes for dinner this evening, I can't wait!  Fingers crossed it turns out as good as the last time I made it.

5. My new blender works fabulously well.  I played the role of short-order cook this morning, making stir-fried cauli-rice and spring onions for myself, waffles for T, and a banana berry smoothie for X.  I wonder what Deane would've had for breakfast if he was here...?

6. I've found a company based in Palmerston North that delivers free range chicken and pork, and organic beef and lamb.  I'll stick with the Green Meadows beef (because it is amazing!) but will order our chicken, pork and lamb from Moreish when we next need meat.  I'm so happy to have found reliable New Zealand sources for all our meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables.  Fresh local product, healthy, happy, well looked after animals - what could be better?

7. I got an A+ for my first Information Industry assignment, yaaaaaaay!!!  Now, on to the second assignment.

That is all.  Carry on.

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  1. I often find that I hate a garment when I finish it, but once I've worn it a couple of times, I really like it. Maybe it will grow on you? That was a lot of work not to try?

    Your Dr. Who scarf looks fabulous.