Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pride cometh before a fall

I just knew when I posted that last post bragging about my good half marathon time that something was going to happen.  In fact, I felt a wee tremor even before then.  You know the feeling, when something is going really well you just know it's all going to fall over pretty soon?  Yeah, that.

I went for a run on Tuesday, one of my usual routes around Herne Bay, Coxs Bay, Westmere and Grey Lynn.  Fairly early on in the run my right shin, and then a little later my left shin started feeling really sore.  My feet seemed to be dragging a bit, and I was in danger of tripping over because every now and then they'd catch on the footpath.  I mentally berated myself for it and figured once I got moving on some of the uphills my ankles would remember how to flex a little better and I'd be good.  Well, that kinda didn't happen.  Sure, by the end of the 11km run my legs were feeling okay, but they weren't 100%.  I've had this feeling before, and just figured it was a little muscle fatigue.  But the feeling continued over the course of the day, mostly while I was sitting around, so I decided to do a little research.  Clearly I am not a doctor, and people always say you shouldn't self-diagnose (especially via the internet!) but I'm fairly certain I have shin splints.  Sure, I could go to the doctor and pay $45 for them to tell me something I've already figured out for myself and know how to treat, but I don't think I need to.

I'm just a little bummed that I have to cut back on the training again.  Sad face.  So today, instead of running 12km, I'll be trying to force myself to spend an hour on the stationary bike.  I'm happy to have alternative exercise options, but dude, that thing is boooooooooring!  And I think I'll have to skip Saturday's fartlek run as well.  I'll still run my 5km race on Sunday with my fingers very tightly crossed that a few days rest will have made a significant improvement, but I'm not holding my breath.  I guess I'll also have to reassess my training program and slow it down a little.  Adding hills to all but my longest Sunday runs sounded like a good way to get over my fear and dislike of them, but this has likely contributed to my current injury.  Also, wearing not-so-good shoes.  Then of course there's the whole running-on-concrete-all-the-time thing...  Yes, I am my own worst enemy.  I am starting to wonder though, if the injury-free 50km+ per week runner is a mythical being, only found in legendary tales intended to inspire average runners to greater achievements.  Or maybe I'm just an idiot, whose body was never meant to run long distances on a regular basis ;)  I'd very much like to get some new running shoes so I have two good pairs, instead of one good pair, one mediocre pair that's half a size too small, and one crap pair that I bought because they were cheap.  One day perhaps...

In the meantime, I managed to finish Deane's socks (apologies for crappy evening phone pics):

Despite having to untangle a yarn barf of epic proportions:

This is the reason why I don't usually use the centre strand of a centre pull ball, most often opting for the outer strand which gently unwinds as you knit, rather than dragging with it the contents of half the yarn cake all tangled together.  However, I started this pair two at a time using both the outer and centre strands, so I had no option but to painstakingly re-order the yarn into a workable state.  Aside from this little hiccup, I am very happy with both the yarn (gorgeously soft!) and the socks (great pattern!).  I was in no danger of having to play yarn chicken, and still have a little mini-ball about the size of a ping pong ball left.  If I had knit another cabled pattern repeat in the legs as suggested in the pattern (leg length of 8" for the large size), that would quite likely have been a different result.  They fit Deane perfectly and he didn't complain that the legs weren't long enough, so all is well.

I have also been spinning a little more in the last couple of days - the creak in the left foot pedal is intermittent, and appears to be dependent on where my foot is placed on the pedal, and the speed at which I am pedaling.  I will replace the missing screw, but at least there's no urgency and I can happily spin while watching TV in the evenings without driving everyone batsh*t.  The second bobbin is nearing completion, and I will be able to do a little plying soon:

Actually, now that I look at it, there's still quite a bit to go on this bobbin...  Ah well.  I guess I can pack up my wheel and take it with me to Napier next week to continue with the Tour de Fleece.  Yes, I think that's an excellent plan!  Hurrah!  As for knitting to take with... hmm...  I still need to knit the other argyle sock to match this one:

Might be too fiddly... maybe another cowl, or some mitts.  A shawl perhaps...  Decisions, decisions...

Still going on the porridge trials too.  The last few days I've had some kiwifruit and banana porridge with maple syrup and pecans:

Then to use up the other half of the banana, I had pear and banana porridge with maple syrup and walnuts:

I had a small half batch (1/4 cup of oats) of some creamy yogurt porridge as an afternoon snack, to use up a pot of berry yogurt X decided he didn't want for his lunch, but I didn't take a picture.  It was yummy :)

And the other day we tried coconut grapefruit porridge.

I'm not a fan of grapefruit as I rather dislike bitter flavours.  However we got two large grapefruit in our Foodbox this week, and since Deane insisted we didn't swap them out for something else, I had to figure out what to do with them.  This double batch of porridge used one, and the other I think I'll leave for Deane.  It was quite nice - cooked in coconut milk, with flaxseed, ginger and cinnamon in it, served with honey and coconut thread on top.  But that grapefruit bitterness was still quite prevalent.  Not so much that I couldn't eat it, but enough that I'd think twice before making it again.  Of course I still devoured my entire bowl, whereas Deane ate about three quarters of his before proclaiming he was full.  All this running has turned me into an eating machine!  Not that I'm complaining ;)  I have put on a few kilos though, sadly, still no boobs...  I digress.  It was a nice looking oatmeal, with the little flecks of grapefruit throughout and mixed with the flaxseed.  I might give orange a go some time and see how it works out.  This one sounds pretty good, as does this one.

This morning there was no oatmeal.  We had buckwheat waffles.  They were supposed to be pancakes, but it appears my ability to flip a pancake has abandoned me so rather than persevere and mess up the whole batch, I just pulled out my trusty waffle iron (seriously the best use of FlyBuys points evar!!!).  T had scrambled eggs, because the waffles didn't look right.  Ugh, that kid...  I'm baking everything with wholemeal flours from now on.  He'll just have to get used to it.  The loaf of bread I baked this morning was 1:3 wholemeal/white flour.  Mwahahahahaha!  It'll most likely come home uneaten in his lunch box though.  My kids do interesting things with their bread.  X brought his baguette home one day like this:

It's misspelled, but I'm sure you can understand that it says 'diseased'.  He refuses to eat anything that's been wrapped in plastic wrap, got it into his head that the plastic wrap breeds germs.  Whatever.  Cheeky monster.  T brought back one of his bread rolls like this:

Completely hollowed out.  Guess he didn't feel like eating the crusts...

Dinners in the kreachr household are getting a little more manageable in that at least one of the kids (X) is eating the meal.  The other one (T, of course) generally is not.  But I have stopped making him different things just so he'll eat.  He gets what everyone else gets, perhaps without sauce or garnish (ie: as plain as possible).  If he doesn't want it, too bad.  The other night I had a wee laugh to myself.  I had made a pork and cabbage stir fry and served some noodles on the side.  Both kids happily ate the noodles, and T refused to eat the stir fry.  I expected that.  X and I had a conversation that went a little like this:

X: Is that cabbage?
Me: Yes
X: I'm not eating that
Me: It doesn't taste like anything.  All the flavour is in the pork and the curry, and you like them.
X: I'm still not eating it.  It's too green-looking.
*walks away from the table*
*comes back seconds later*
X: I'm hungry.  Fine, I'll just eat it then.
*proceeds to eat most of his dinner, only leaving a little bit because he was full*
Me: *laughing quietly on the inside, saying nothing*

If only T would try more things, he'd probably like most of them.  I'm guessing a lot of his dislike of foods is more to do with texture rather than flavour.  I may have to experiment a little more with this.  I would almost consider him a vegetarian with his aversion to red meats, but then he doesn't really eat vegetables either.  Quite the dilemma.  Karmic payback for my fussiness as a child - it says in my Plunket book "will not eat green food".  My, how things change...

The day is escaping me yet again, and I have laundry to catch up on.  Not to mention that stationary bike in the corner of the lounge, staring at me malevolently.  Time to call it.  Have a great weekend everyone, and if you're in New Zealand and have school-age kids, I hope the school holidays are bearable for you!  Mine should be relatively uneventful with the usual trip to Napier, and perhaps a little study if I can fit it in.  Apparently we're going to Inflatable World during the second week, or so says Master T.  Should be fun ;)


  1. Boo! Sorry to hear this, just when you are doing so well! I'm wondering too if I was ever meant to run long distances, but I can't imagine not running because it makes me so happy, so I'll do whatever it takes even if that means a month without lacing up.

    Love your argyle sock! You must get around to doing #2, but I know you have to be in the mood to concentrate on it - it took me 2 years to knit some Latvian mittens...!

  2. I love the argyle sock, got that pattern and the yarn to make it, just got to find the time (and hands that are warm enough to function).
    Hope your legs improve quickly, Dh had shinsplints for a long time, he wasn't overly fond of running though so happily gave his running time to judo.

  3. I love running and want to continue it (which is funny. Never would've thought I'd ever say that four years ago!). I've been good and rested all week, so fingers crossed all is well for Sunday! And yes, those socks are awesome. I WILL knit the second one. Eventually... ;)