Friday, 23 August 2013

Hard workers

Sometimes people (or things) need a bit of a shout-out for all the hard work they do in everyday life.  There are the multitudes of volunteers from fire fighters, to school PTA mums and dads, to life guards, to people helping out every weekend to set up a park run, or hand out water at a road race.  Y'all are amazing people.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Then there's the average 'Joe Bloggs' type that get on with life in general.  Although they don't volunteer their time for whatever reason, they still work hard all the same.  Just wanted to mention that my husband of nearly 13 years is trying very hard to lose a little weight and get fit.  I've been dragging him out on a run once a week to try and keep him motivated.  On Wednesday I took him along the little path next to the northern motorway.  It was raining, but he went along all the same:

Bit of a walking break here.  Despite it being flat, he's not quite up to my fitness level yet ;)  Got a little tired...

This may be partly for my own amusement, since I think he looks really funny when he runs, but if I can help him achieve his goal, then all the better :)

He's also changing his diet, cutting out a lot of heavy carbs.  Goodbye bagels, breads, wraps, muffins, cakes, loaves, puddings...  This makes my job of feeding the clan a little more challenging, but I'm enjoying finding new ways to cook without wheat based products, sweeteners and dairy.  Last night I made an amazing non-lasagne (so-called because it has no pasta.  Can't really call it lasagne without pasta, can you?) with roasted pumpkin mash, silver beet, and a meat layer made with lean mince (gotta love that Green Meadows Beef mince, hardly any fat!  If you haven't tried their products yet, you're seriously missing out), tomato puree, a little tomato paste, celery, garlic, red onion, some minced chilli and a little salt and pepper.  This was all topped off with cottage cheese (which, although it is a dairy product, has very little lactose so is very low-carb, but high in protein).  It certainly wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but damn, it tasted good!  I had some for lunch today too, yum!

One of the other hard workers in my life and likely many others, which I think deserves a shout-out, is the humble kitchen food processor.  I absolutely adore my food processor, and couldn't imagine life now without one.  The other day I made cashew butter for the first time, then wondered what on earth had taken me so long.  Why had I not done this before?  Cashew butter is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!  Forget paying $10-$15 a jar for pre-made cashew butter, throw a bunch of raw cashews in your food processor and whizz 'em up!  Or if you like a little salt in yours, I'm sure salted cashews would work fine too.  And just think, you could do the same with any nuts you like - almond, walnut, pecan (oh my gosh, pecan butter!  I must try this!), macadamia... you could try a combination of nuts, throw in some seeds (sunflower anyone?)... go crazy!  Hey, why not make pistachio butter?!?  Could be interesting ;)

I have many more tasks awaiting my food processor in the near future.  I am dying to try out this 'ice cream' recipe (which can be used to make these, and these), and some more larabar recipes.  Next on the list - apricot pumpkin pie larabars and girl scout cookie larabars.  My friend Jill sent me some Girl Scout Samoas a few years back.  Now I wish we had Girl Scout cookies here.  I mean, look at all the flavours they have!  We just get the one Girl Guide biscuit flavour.  Lame.

So. Many. Things. To. Make.  With my trusty food processor ;)

I'm flying down to Napier shortly, but sadly will not have time to stop in at KAN.  Probably not a bad thing, since non-attendance will help me to not buy any yarn...  Then I fly back up again early tomorrow night, so I can get a good night's sleep before the 12km race on Sunday.  Fun times!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Haha - my husband has started running too! Trouble is, he is very talented and is way faster than me!
    Mmm... cashew butter! Must try making some. I bought a cheap K-mart food processor many years ago, and it will NOT break down so I can buy a better one!