Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

An old saying, but one I always thought was a little funny, particularly when used as an empty threat in jest.  Childhood memories...

I have been circulating my running shoes as always, but have spent a little more time of late in the Asics trail shoes, mainly due to the increase in trail running to prevent injury.  They are my normal shoe size instead of a half size bigger, which is what is recommended for running shoes to allow for foot swelling and jarring on downhill runs.  I have noticed my big toes are feeling the pinch and showing mild bruising under the nails.  If I continue to run in them, I'll end up with black toenails again.  Herein lies the problem - they've only done 440km so should be good for quite a while yet.  I can't afford any more running shoes at the moment (otherwise, believe me, I'd have bought at least two more pairs!).  Do I continue to wear them and risk losing toenails, or just wear my other two pairs - the 'good' ones which have done 450km and will end up needing to be replaced faster because of more wear, and the 'cheapies' that I bought from the Nike outlet store in Seattle which aren't good quality and potentially cause injury?  Ugh, why do all the ridiculous, small decisions seem so difficult?

In other news, I have signed up for another half marathon at the end of November.  However, this one's a little different.  It's at night, and you're not allowed to run.  The Cancer Society are holding their first Walking Stars half marathon walk event this year, and my bff and I will be participating to honor friends and family members lost to cancer - most recently her dad, who passed away just a few weeks ago.  Sadly, cancer is a disease that affects almost everyone in some way - most of us know somebody that has some form of cancer, is in remission, or who has already lost their battle.  This event is to remember those that have passed on, and to raise money towards cancer research and relief work.  I have a fundraising page set up with all the details if you're interested in donating - here's the link.  Go on, you know you want to ;)  We're going to walk the bejeezus out of that half marathon and have fun doing it while remembering our family and friends.

Picking up where I left off...

Monday - again
I ended up having this baked tofu for dinner, mainly because I couldn't be faffed crumbing the tofu for this recipe, and because Deane had failed to notify me of our lack of balsamic vinegar which ruled out this recipe.  They're fairly similar (except the crumbed one obviously) so I wasn't overly concerned, and I quite enjoyed it.  There's leftovers too, yay!  The braised celery was surprisingly tolerable.  I guess I no longer hate celery...

And I said I was going to be good.  I was not.  I made a blueberry muffin for dessert - in an attempt to be at least a little bit good I decided to try it without sweetener (which is apparently how CCK eats hers).  Edible, but just.  My sweet-tooth is quite clearly very much intact!  Note to self: next time, definitely add sweetener!!  I also had the last four pieces of fig slice, and ate a couple pieces of freezer fudge.  Oops.

I had that orange strawberry oatmeal for breakfast, and I used CCK's voluminous oatmeal trick.  Overflowing oatmeal bowl, alright:

I could barely fit it in!  And by the way, that's only two strawberries - they were just really big strawberries :)  Yum!!  It did an excellent job of fuelling my 15km run, which became a bit of a tikki-tour around Central Auckland.  I had originally planned on running my usual out-and-back along Tamaki Drive, turning around at about 8km.  But along the way, I noticed the new Point Resolution bridge continued on up the hill into Parnell:

So I carried on running down to the water fountain near Ngapipi Road for a quick re-hydrate, then turned around and headed back to the bridge.  I snapped a few pictures of the lovely view:

Then continued on up those stairs:

I went all the way up St Stephen's Ave, then along Parnell Road and down Parnell Rise.  Let me tell you, going down that hill is much easier than going up!  I continued on along Beach Road and went through the viaduct, stopping to take a pic of the neat little 'container library' in Wynyard Quarter:

Then I continued on to the walkway that crosses over the northern motorway on-ramp:

And stopped for a wee look at that bridge over yonder that I'll be running on in a little under two months:

Still a little bit scary...

There was a bit of meandering on the way home from there to eek out the run to 15km:

You can see around the 10km mark where my phone GPS had a bit of a hernia - must've been all the buildings interfering with the satellite connection.  It was a good run, and I was very happy to have some lovely marinated tofu to munch on for an early lunch when I got home!  Then there was second lunch... an apple with some peach and mango soy yogurt, and some crackers with marmite and soy cream cheese.  Omnomnom...

Then the afternoon snack of endurance crackers with more soy cream cheese and salsa.  And some freezer fudge.

Dinner was crockpot baked beans.  This time around they were perfect!  I only used 1/4 tsp chili powder, and I didn't add any milk, cream or butter.  It was delicious served with a couple of bread rolls to soak up the sauce.  Now I'm ridiculously full.  I may be able to refrain from devouring a dessert later.  Maybe...  (I did.  Could barely fit in a fruit tea before bed!)

I had my last blueberry cranberry bagel for breakfast, with soy cream cheese and plum jam.  Yummy!  I think I'll make some of these bagels next, but with spinach because I don't have any kale.  (Don't you just love the blog name?)

Lunch was lentil biryani.  It was okay, but slightly on the bland side which I found surprising considering the list of spices.  This may possibly be because I've lived with Deane for so long now that anything with just a hint of spice in it seems like it is under-seasoned...  It improved slightly with the addition of a little more salt.  If I were to make it again, I'd use pre-ground spices instead of peppercorns, whole cloves, coriander seeds etc.  Partly because it would hopefully boost the flavour a little, but mostly because I don't particularly like suddenly biting into a whole seed and getting an overpowering hit of coriander/clove/pepper/cardamon.

I used french green lentils (puy lentils) in mine, and white basmati rice.  I added an extra 1/2 cup of water about 20 minutes into the cooking time because it was starting to stick, and ended up just cooking it for 30 minutes.  And it still turned out a little mushy.  Oh well...

For dinner we're having mexican wraps.  The boys will have the usual mince meat filling, and I'll have the walnut taco meat filling.  There will of course be guacamole because it is awesome, and I still have some cashew cream in the fridge (omnomnom).  I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight!  Once again, I'll be making my favourite flat bread for the wraps.

So people - feedback.  Is this too much information for you?  Do I need to tone down the meal-by-meal commentary?  Or are you enjoying the multitude of vegan recipe links I am digging up while spending far too much time surfing the web?  (I really should get on to writing that assignment and doing the housework...)  Let me know :)  Cheers!!


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