Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Life is full of little surprises

The day turned out beautifully, so I fit in a 15km run as (sort of) planned before heading out to knitting.  In case you're interested, here's an awkward tan line that other runners never warn you about.  They tell you about the short tan lines, the sock tan lines, the tank top tan lines, but not about the bent elbow tan lines!

A little hard to make out at particular angles, but up the top of the photo you can kind of see jagged tan lines from where my arm was bent :)

As planned when I got to knitting, I ordered the lentil soup for lunch.  Just have to say it was the best lentil soup I've ever had.  And I was sooooo full afterwards, I could barely drink my tea!  I highly recommend it, and my friend thoroughly enjoyed her lamb tagine saying it was the best she'd ever had.  So in other words, if you're in town and looking for somewhere to eat or hang out for a coffee, check out Mezze Bar.  They rock.

I'm slowly getting through my shawl, and am now on the extended lace section.  Slowly, slowly, I will get through it.  Lace really isn't my thing to be honest.  It's beautiful and I love the finished product, I just find it a little tedious.  However, I will continue until it is done!  I have no other pressing projects at the moment.  Except maybe getting around to sewing together all the squares for the Ron Weasley blanket which I wanted done by Christmas.  And perhaps those four Christmas stockings for the kids...

For dinner, I had a sort-of-buddha-bowl.  I based it on this recipe but omitted the cauliflower, added potato, and adapted the nut pulp hummus we had in the fridge for the dressing.  Still pretty good :)  Deane and the boys had lamb shanks that I had kindly put in the crock pot before heading out on my run that morning.  I'm good like that ;)  For dessert I had the last piece of sticky date pudding (long run = plenty of calories to play with!) and some strawberry banana soft serve 'ice cream' (scroll waaaaaay down to the bottom of the post for the recipe/directions).  Delicious.  And I've decided that the sticky date pudding is going on the permanent ban list along with the brown sugar chewies and tofu brownies.  They are just too dangerous.

I couldn't help getting stuck into the kitchen a little more and scrounged up a few more jars for my collection, adding pumpkin, flax and chia seeds, and some shredded coconut to the mix:

Now the almonds in the naff plastic container look horribly out of place :/  I plan on fixing that very soon.  I rather like having all the 'healthy' stuff within easy reach though.

To make a bit more of a dent in the pile of fruit we have (we are getting through it, believe it or not) I made some apple pie chia seed jam.  I think it will go fabulously well with some granola or other cereal, as well as on toast or yogurt.  Yum!!

My head cold is catching up with me, so it's time for an early night.  9pm.  Sad...

A great start to the morning with a banana blueberry and tofu smoothie.  I added some almond pulp as well.  Why not?  There's plenty to go around ;)  Such a beautiful colour:

I had fruit salad and yogurt for lunch.  I didn't realise how much I missed fruit because of all the baked stuff I'd been eating.  Baked sugars were replacing the natural fruit sugars in my diet.  Not good.  I spent most of the day studying statistics so I was more than happy to whip up a crustless silver beet and mushroom quiche for Deane (I omitted the cheese to suit his diet), little ham and cheese quiches with pastry bases for the boys, and lamb loin chops.  Super quick and easy!  I had some mac and 'shews.  Not sure if it's because of my head cold or if the taste has diminished because of freezing, but it didn't taste quite the same.  Still yummy, just not with as much oomph as I remembered.  Oh well...

Dessert was another strawberry banana soft serve concoction.  The boys were drawn to the kitchen with the noise of the food processor, and their curiosity got the better of them.  X shared the strawberry ice cream with me and I blended up half a frozen banana with some almond meal, almond milk and milo for T.  They've also been glugging back smoothies choc-full of bananas and yogurt all disguised with milo and been none the wiser.  I even snuck in some almond meal and tofu this morning - they didn't bat an eyelid!  X, as usual, came back for more.  Win!  Particularly in the case of T, who only eats apples and absolutely no nuts in any shape or form.  Unless you can sneak some macadamias into a white chocolate cookie ;)  Mwahahahahaha!

Breakfast was something I'd been looking forward to for a while, since The Oatmeal Artist posted the recipe on her blog.  Strawberry pineapple oatmeal:

I added whole flaxseed to mine.  If I were to make this again I'd use crushed pineapple instead of pineapple pieces so it's more evenly distributed among the oats.  But oh, the combination of strawberry and pineapple just screams delicious, summery goodness doesn't it?  Alas, it is Spring, and I espy a slight drizzle outside my window...  I was planning on dragging Deane out to Cornwall Park for a run.  Perhaps tomorrow...

I had avocado pasta for lunch (halved recipe, no coriander - yuck) - don't you just love the colour of fresh, ripe avocado?

We had pumpkin soup with cashew cream again for dinner this evening.  Frozen leftovers really come in handy when you've got other things taking up your time during the day!  Statistics is no picnic unless you're into that sort of thing.  My brain is not wired for it and struggles to follow the logic.  Or should I say, the algebra.  That's what really stumps me.  It takes a little while for it to sink in, and then you have to pack it down into a big plastic storage container and sit on the lid of it lest it try to escape.  Kind of like flubber...  Today was all about null hypotheses, alternative hypotheses and probability values.  Ugh.  Just when I think I've got it, they throw in something more challenging and it all flies out the window.

I thought you might be interested in a fruit bowl comparison - remember what it looked like last week?

Well, here's what's left:

Told you we went through a lot of fruit ;)

I kind of cheated a bit though.  There are several bananas and some grapes in the freezer - the bananas because they make excellent soft serve ice cream, and they're good to have on hand for baking, and the grapes because, well, have you ever tried frozen grapes?  Yum!  Also, I went back on my word and baked a kiwifruit loaf today.  Tsk tsk tsk.  I veganised and healthified a recipe (yes those are totally words because I say they are.  Just go with me on this).  Having said that, it only saves about 30 calories per slice... better than nothing I guess.  So anyway, here's my version:

Vegan Kiwi Loaf
2 c wholemeal spelt flour (white flour would work fine)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
1/4 c coconut oil, melted (you could use another oil such as rice bran)
1/4 c applesauce
2/3 c sugar (I used raw sugar, but white sugar or coconut sugar would be okay too)
2 tbsp flaxseed mixed with 6 tbsp water
1 c peeled, mashed kiwi fruit (I used 7 small-medium gold kiwi fruit)

Preheat oven to 180°C, and spray a loaf tin with non-stick spray.  Mix together all the dry ingredients.  In a separate bowl mix together all the wet ingredients, then combine with the dry and stir until well incorporated.  Pour into the prepared loaf tin, then bake for 50-55 minutes until cooked through and a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.  Leave to cool in the tin for about ten minutes before turning out and cooling completely.  Serves ten, approximately.

It came out pretty good I thought.  Something a little bit different that I haven't tried before.  And an excellent way to use up kiwi fruit that's starting to turn on you ;)

Time now for me to put away the courier arrivals of the day - this week's Foodbox delivery and my Eco Store cleaning goodies.  Enjoy your evening/morning/whatever, and I hope you've got good weather.  It's pretty darn wet where I am...

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