Thursday, 28 November 2013

All the idiotness are belong to me

Note: I googled 'idiotness' and it is listed in the Urban Dictionary.  Therefore, I am totally accepting it as a word - one that is particularly appropriate for this post.

So you know how I had a teeny little injury and I kind of ignored it for a while?  (For those of you wondering (yes Sheryl, I mean you ;P) I have pulled the adductor magnus muscle on my right side - very similar to the injury I sustained while snowboarding on Whistler in February).  Then I went on a nice long run one early morning (which was awesome by the way.  Oh, I've already mentioned this?  Carry on then...) and it made things worse?  I've been (sort of) good at resting it, taking anti-inflammatories, and practicing some nice gentle yoga stretches.  After a week it was feeling better and getting to the point where I was considering heading out for a short run in a couple of days.  It was improving so well that I thought it was a good idea to carry on with the yoga - that calm, relaxing, good-for-you-in-a-holistic-kind-of-way yoga - and start to stretch things out a little more.  As you do.  Because, you know, physiotherapists always give you stretches to do to help heal and strengthen muscles.  Right?  Wrong, you idiot!

BIG MISTAKE.  BIG.  HUGE. (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is totally stuck in my head right now).

I went a little too far with the stretches.  I didn't notice it at the time, but soon after.  Which of course is too late to do anything about it like, for example, stop doing yoga :(  For some reason this type of injury is not a sudden thing for me.  It's more the 'carry on, everything is fine, I'll wait for a few hours and then start being really annoying' type.  Now I'm going to have to rest it even longer before I can go out running again.  Gah!  The frustration!!!  It is a multi-faceted frustration covering anything and everything.  For example:

  • Why can't my body just heal quicker?
  • Am I really so old that I need to carefully ease into everything
  • What does this mean for my trail running ambitions? (because I'm pretty sure I did this when zooming down the hill trails a few weekends back)
  • Just go away already so I can run!  I miss running :(  And I'm supposed to be training for Tough Mudder.  I'm going to run out of time!  (Not really, TM isn't until April.  But I like to be prepared.)
  • Ouch that hurt.  I hardly moved!  WTF?  Stop it already!
  • Why didn't I start running years earlier when I was all young and indestructible?  This probably wouldn't have happened.
  • Oh crap, I'm running out of anti-inflammatories.  I'm going to have to stop taking them soon anyway, I think they're starting to cause side-effects.  DO NOT CHECK WEB MD.  (Yes I am a self-diagnosing hypochondriac.  In case you were wondering.)
  • How much of this is actual pain/injury, and how much of it is me just being a wuss and needing to suck it up and get over it?
  • I have two brand new pairs of running shoes, damn it.  I want to be running in those shoes!  They're too new to just be sitting there not getting dirty!
Ah, the dilemma...

Walking seems to be mostly okay, so I'm still going to happily traipse around the 21.1km course on Saturday night for Walking Stars.  Also, I have received the first information-filled email regarding our Hillary Trail running expeditions telling us the sections we'll be running and the gear we're going to need.  I've been looking forward to this for a looooooong time and there is no way I'm missing out on that action!  Injury be damned!!

Quick question - do you think two half-marathons in two consecutive weekends will be too much?  I really want to do the DUAL in March, which is the weekend after the Coatesville Classic.  I'm kinda hoping my body won't have completely fallen apart by this time, and I won't accidentally kill myself while running the Coastal Challenge.



  1. Going by my 13km race last weekend, I would bet that the Dual is no ordinary 21km either! In other words, I would pick either the Dual or Coatesville this year, and do the other one next year.
    Darned injuries! It might be worth donning the swimsuit for a couple of weeks. And take it easy on the Walking Stars and trail run. It's not worth overdoing it - we want to run forever, right?! Get better soon!

    1. Thank you so much for those words of wisdom that I very clearly needed! I guess I was suffering a case of crazy brain - the DUAL can wait until next time, since I've already signed up for Coatesville. And you're right, we do want to keep running, so busting things up now is a terrible idea! I promise to behave better from now on. Well, for now at least... ;)