Friday, 1 November 2013

Only two sleeps to go...

Counting sleeps wasn't something I ever did as a child.  It was more along the lines of 'how many days until...?' or 'how long until...?'.  Somewhere along the line when our kids were kindergarten age, we picked up this counting sleeps thing and now we use it all the time.  Funny what you pick up over the years.  Having spent time in online forums and all of two weeks in the south of the US (not very long at all) I find myself using the term y'all a lot.  I have no idea why.  I've also noticed, and mentioned to Deane yesterday, that for certain words I roll my r's quite a bit.  Again, no idea why.

Anyway, back to the original point of the post!  Yes, only two sleeps now until the half marathon.  My training is over for this particular race, finishing up with a quick 5km this morning.  No sunrise pics for this run, I was out and back before the sun had a chance to get up!  I took off a little too fast and my average pace was 5'07".  The usual problem of not being able to slow down my pace voluntarily.  It's only five seconds per kilometre faster than my planned race pace, and I found it quite challenging to maintain.  This does not bode well for my goal time of under 1:50 for the half.  My options now are to either revise my goal and aim for something a little more conservative such as sub-two hours, or stick to the original plan and hope my enthusiasm and excitement (and a good oatmeal breakfast, along with hydration and refueling tabs along the way) can carry me through the race in under 1:50, with an average pace of 5'12".

I've already made the decision to wear my cheapo Nike shoes for the race instead of my favourite Asics, which have pretty much had it.  They've done nearly 700km and I'm really starting to notice it.  Kinda wish I'd gone for new trainers for my birthday instead of my awesome coffee machine... ah well.  Too late now.  I really love my coffee machine, and the shoes I have should see me through until Christmas, hopefully injury free (fingers crossed).  I've chosen my outfit for the day, and have a checklist in my head of stuff I'm going to add to my gear bag - sunscreen, chap stick, and my new best friend, my Body Glide anti-chafe stick.  I don't really get chafing in the usual places.  Oh no!  I have to be different, and get it under my arms.  Just to be that little bit extra weird... What I'm sure (or rather, hope) is not weird for runners is the state of my feet.  I often hear runners complaining mentioning about having ugly feet, and thought they meant things like black toenails (which I've had, and can be mostly preventable if not running uber-long distances).  I was wrong.  I'm now pretty sure they mean this:

Scary-looking, veiny hulk-feet.  Urgh.  Not particularly feminine, are they? ;)  I've never been a fan of feet in general (unless they're cute little baby feet, I adore baby feet), now I have even more reason to dislike them.  Wouldn't be without them though.  I guess you could say mine are strictly utilitarian.

But I'm sure y'all don't want ugly feet pictures.  Bring on the pretty sunrise pictures, I say!!  Here are some from my Wednesday morning run:

 I just love that early morning light.  It's beautiful, especially when it's reflected on the water.  A little after I took that last pic, the sun had risen above the hill and there was a guy ahead of me taking a sunrise selfie.  He'd chosen his pose, and was waiting patiently for me to run past and get out of the shot before he snapped his photo.  I must say he looked rather comical standing there holding his phone out with one hand, and pulling a thumbs up with the other :)  Still, I'd imagine his running selfies come out looking a lot better than mine:

I'm still getting the hang of this 'having my picture taken' thing.  Having me take the picture doesn't really make it any easier, but it is something that I'm determined to be more comfortable with.  I don't think I'll share with you the reason why though.  You'll think I'm even more crazy...

So the rest of today is resting and getting more of my statistics assignment done.  I was hoping to finish it before the half, but it might take me a little longer than that.  It's due next week so hopefully not too much longer!  I have to bake a cake for the school fair that's on Sunday, and maybe a loaf of bread.  They can be Saturday morning tasks I think.  I've been invited to a running bloggers (or should that be blogging runners) meet up on Saturday at the marathon expo.  I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces, it should be fun!  I'll let you know how it goes.  Of course, the main reason for going to the marathon expo on Saturday will be to register and pick up my timing chip, race number, gear bag and ferry crossing wrist band.  I'm excited and nervous.  Nothing new there.  The final pre-race email came through yesterday and I was having a read through some of the info.  They are recommending that half-marathoners get to the ferry terminal to take the ferry to Devonport by 5.15am.  That's even earlier than I thought!  My 4.45am wake up time is going to have to be more like 4.15 or 4.30 if I'm going to have time to eat breakfast, get dressed, grab all my gear and walk down to the ferry terminal in time.  I've been waking up around 5.30am most mornings so I guess an hour earlier won't be too much of a shock, and I can always slather on sunscreen and anti-chafe and lip balm while I'm waiting for the race start over the other side of the bridge.  Hopefully the gear bag drop isn't too soon before the race.  And oh, I hope there's enough portaloos!!!  Stupid nervous stomach...  ::deep breaths::  Most importantly, I have to be positive about this.  I've done the training.  I know I can run this distance.  A positive outlook makes for a fun race, I know this from experience.  As Phil Robertson would say, 'happy happy happy'.  (Yes, I am quoting Duck Dynasty.  Hey.  Don't judge me.)

Right, best get on with these statistical calculations.  They're not going to calculate themselves!  Have an awesome weekend people, I'm sure I will :)


  1. Eek! This has made me even more nervous just reading this... Hehe. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, hope you sleep really well tonight!

  2. Glad you can make it to the meet-up - see you tomorrow!