Sunday, 16 March 2014

Think I'm gonna stop trying to plan stuff now...

It's Sunday morning, and I'm not running a half marathon as planned - that's been postponed to the following weekend because of Cyclone Lusi (which has been downgraded to weather warnings, and moved further south already).  Instead, I'm sitting in an all-hours medical centre, waiting to have my arm glued and steri-stripped.  I was in my kitchen yesterday early evening, standing at the sink and cleaning up after dinner when a massive gust of wind slammed my kitchen window which then proceeded to shatter and fall in all directions with such force I am still finding tiny shards in the far end of my dining room.

I was lucky to escape with just a small, deep cut on my right arm, and a tiny scratch, lump and bruise on my left.  Amazing.  Unfortunately, despite Deane's and my efforts to close the wound, because of it's location it keeps opening and bleeding.  Hence my current predicament.  I guess the race change worked out for the best, even though today it's just a little overcast.  Maybe I'll head out for a run later today if it doesn't rain...

Yesterday was pretty action-packed actually, even before the window explosion.  We had a bunch of kids at our place for a Magic card game tournament (nerd central) which went from 10am 'til about 2ish.  I'd made mini ham and cheese burgers, rice paper rolls, chicken nuggets, grape caterpillars, mini lemon meringue pies and 'bacon and eggs' for the kids (and a couple of dads that joined in the nerdy fun).  

The tournament was a series of knock-out rounds, with a winner and second, third and fourth place prizes up for grabs (with a little something for others who participated so nobody got left out).  The boys had a great time, and X invited a friend to stay for a sleepover.  Deane was out when the window smashed, so I had to patch my arm in a hurry, call the landlord, call the glass company, then call Deane and clean up the glass while waiting for him to get home with duct tape and rubbish bags to cover the window before it started raining.  We have all the fun in the kreachr household!  Bet you're jealous ;)


Ooh look, purple glue!

I didn't get to go for a run - I have to keep my arm dry for 24 hours.  No sweating, no potential rain, no after-run shower (well, I can shower but I'm hopeless at keeping my arm out of the water, so better safe than sorry).  Guess it'll be tomorrow then...

Running hasn't been happening much at all of late, with Thursday and Friday of this week taken up by X's school market day - I spent some time making rubber band bracelets for them to sell (their idea, they started it, I just helped (a lot)), and went to the school to oversee their stall:

X and his friend did quite well, selling out and making $34 each (we won't factor in the cost of supplies and my 'hourly rate' - they're only eleven ;p).

I also didn't get much study done :(  And oh... I'm so behind on Tough Mudder training!  I've decided to once again reinstate the daily routine, altering it slightly to move runs to later in the morning instead of before 7am, and factoring in cross-training to prepare for TM (less than two months away!!). Proper diet will have to follow also - I've been eating pretty well, but portion sizes have crept up, and I've been indulging in a little too much of the sweet stuff recently (gluten free hot cross buns, ahem...).  Might have to try a junk-food-free month :)

Such good food otherwise though:

Oven-roasted butternut pumpkin, mushroom and spinach gluten-free lasagne with tofu 'ricotta' (recipe for ricotta in Veganomicon).  So glad to have some of this in the freezer now too, yum!

Fresh sweet corn fritters with avocado cream and balsamic maple dressing. These were really good!  This recipe was in the Huckleberry Farms newsletter I got with an order earlier in the week - dude, they deliver their Auckland orders personally!  How cool is that? :)

Braised cauliflower in three seed sauce, with some leftover corn fritters and sliced avocado.  This recipe was in Vegan With a Vengeance.

Tonight's dinner was spaghetti and bean balls from Veganomicon.  I will most definitely be getting this cookbook whenever I can afford it!

I've planned (haha, we'll see how that works out...) the next week's dinners (for me at least, still have to plan the boys') and most, if not all, are from Veganomicon, with more pages marked for later.  I'll be sad to have to send it back to the library early next month :(  The Post Punk Kitchen website will suffice I guess.

Some good news, I've recently heard that a friend will be welcoming a new wee one in August!!  Knitters love hearing this kind of news :)  What a way to get back into the habit of regular knitting!  I'm already perusing the baby patterns on Ravelry and digging through my stash.  A new winter cardi for me can wait a little while - there's nothing more fun to knit than something for a brand new wee person!  Can't wait to get something on the needles - giving my arm a bit of rest for now though, maybe in a day or two.  More time to pattern browse :)  Fingers crossed next week is a little more productive and a little less... eventful.  Looking forward (again) to the Coatesville Classic on Sunday!

Until next time, have a good week people.

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  1. That's a bit scary with your kitchen window! Glad you're all taped up and OK - could have been a lot worse.
    I thought Coatesville was next weekend anyway - I hope you do well!