Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I've noticed that I often put on an appallingly bad, fake American accent.  Like, when I'm telling the kids to get their jammies on, or hustle to get ready for school, or any number of random mini-events in our daily lives.  Does anybody in America ever put on an appallingly bad, fake kiwi accent...?

I'm an angry cleaner.  When I'm in a really bad mood, or I'm having a heated discussion with Deane, I start doing things like wiping the kitchen bench, cleaning the stove, putting random things away, or whatever else I can spot that needs a tidy up or a good scrub.  Am I alone in this weird compulsion?  And why does this never seem to happen when I'm bored and have plenty of time on my hands?

I called a lady out at the supermarket the other day for taking a family size pie out of her trolley and stashing it in the yogurt section instead of walking back one aisle and returning it to its rightful place.  I wonder if she felt embarrassed enough to go and put it back, or if she was overwhelmed by righteous indignation and just walked off in a huff?  She mumbled something back at me, but I didn't hear it and wasn't going to bother asking her to repeat it at the time.  Wonder what she said?

I had planned to do a marathon this year.  Originally, I was just going to do the Auckland Marathon in November.  However, I recently discovered that XTERRA Waihi has a marathon option, and it will be held on the day of my 35th birthday.  Trails are way more fun than roads, but this particular course takes in many of the hills of the 60km ultra version which has been dubbed the 'Kaimai Killer'.  Awesome way to celebrate a birthday potentially (hopefully) achieving a personal challenge, or am I just a little insane?

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  1. Sounds like a great idea, and it will certainly be a memorable birthday! Have a look at the finishing times to get an idea of how tough it is!