Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Breathing space

I am writing this post in the tiny bit of time I have available between finishing one mammoth assignment and embarking on the next.  Gosh, this semester has been a challenge!  So much going on, the workload is heavier (two Level 6 papers, whereas I've been completing Level 5 papers previously), and there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  How I ever managed to keep my house clean and tidy, the washing done, family fed, study ahead of schedule and keep up with running and cross-training workouts last year I have no idea!!  It's certainly not happening now, let me tell you...

I've reverted back to early morning runs before the boys get up for school, and I'm remembering just how much I love running at that time of day.  It almost feels as though running before 7am doesn't require the same amount of effort that running later in the day does.  As though any kilometres clocked before the sun rises doesn't sap any energy.  I will admit that making myself get out of bed anywhere before 6am has been harder than I remember it being before, but once I've laced up and hit the streets, the feeling of happiness comes flooding back, and the tiredness melts away.  I adore this time of day, more than any other, and I absolutely love catching the sunrise.  Last Saturday was nothing short of magical:

I love the early morning light, and watching it change over time.  Don't you just love how the light reflects off the water?  Beautiful.  I suppose I could just go out and sit in one place to watch it (and I have before on numerous occasions throughout my life) but running in the crisp morning air... there's just something about it.  That particular morning was made just that little bit more special by my catching sight of not one, but four fish jumping out of the water.  I'd never been quick enough to see that before, only hearing the resulting splashes after they'd jumped.  I arrived home very happy that morning, and it totally made up for missing the sunrise the day before.

Here's a few pics from yesterday morning's run too:

Every morning is different, despite having the same 'scenery' to look out at.  I didn't have time to hang around and see the sun peek up over the horizon yesterday morning, since I had to get back home to get the kids organised for school.  Sunrise at the moment is just after 7am, and that's when I need to get X out of bed for breakfast.  As you can see from the first pic, it was still quite dark at 6am.  Before anyone starts freaking out about my safety (Deane), there are already a large number of boot campers, runners, cyclists, motorists and cleaners out and about at that time of the morning, so you don't have to worry ;)

As I mentioned, I have just finished an assignment.  A 15 page formal report based on a four page case study of an organisation (fictional) with serious (also fictional) information management issues.  It was hard.  Mentally draining.  I'm only hoping what I've submitted actually makes sense to someone other than myself, and I am awarded a decent mark for it.  It took daaaaayyyyys to write.  The lecturer even called earlier today to remind me that it was due, and check to see if I didn't need any extra time.  Apparently he wanted to be sure I did well, since my first assignment was 'pretty good' and he thought I had the potential to improve.  Jeez, pressure much? ;)  I assured him that I was (at the time) at the editing stage and it would be submitted before midnight.  I ended up sending it a little before 2pm, and have spent the hours since then doing very mindless stuff - a little cooking, a little knitting, a trip to the supermarket, some Pinterest browsing...  Tomorrow morning it will be back to the grindstone to catch up on course work for my other paper in order to be able to complete the assignment due two weeks from now.  The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is the thought that I'm halfway through my degree, and there's only about two years to go.  I can do this, right?  ::trying to stay calm and not freak the hell out::

Coffee is my best study friend at the moment, and I'm very glad to have a supply coming from our friends in Gisborne at Far East Coffee Co.  Their coffee is awesome, and they're super quick with delivery - can't complain about that ;)  It's good to be able to support New Zealand business, especially when it's people you know.  I've never liked strong coffee, and always needed milk to cut down the bitterness.  But laziness and impatience prevents me from steaming and frothing the soy milk every time I want a coffee, so long blacks it is!  I'm so happy I got my espresso machine for my birthday last year, it's become a well-used everyday kitchen appliance.  And I call myself a tea drinker... ha!

Gosh, it's getting late.  Think I'll wander up to bed and read a little more Sense & Sensibility before I nod off, so I can head out for a run early tomorrow morning before starting the next round of study.  Wish me luck!  Next post will be the first XTERRA series race recap :)  Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. You have been busy! Best of luck for your assignments. At least you have been keeping up the running - those sunrises are good for the soul!