Friday, 30 May 2014

Getting a handle on it...

I've submitted another assignment, the morning of the due date.  At least I didn't have to submit it at 11.59pm... (cut off at midnight).  The course work for this paper is complete, and the next assignment isn't due for three weeks.  I think I can manage it okay.  No rest for the wicked though, I have two weeks to produce the next assignment for my other paper - an hour-long PowerPoint presentation complete with full notes, and a 1,000 word newsletter article on the benefits of performing an information audit in an organisation with information management issues.  This particular course doesn't have much scope for student interaction, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one that feels totally overwhelmed by the requirements and is completely freaking out about it.  I'm still averaging an A- and I've finished all the course work, but the sheer size of the assignment tasks is causing me to teeter on the edge of an abyss of hysterical panic.  This trimester has really been a challenge in terms of time management, and although this is a career path I'm quite interested in following, reading the course work is so boring I really struggle to stay awake at times.  It's so full of technical jargon, I don't think the information is sinking in at all... that doesn't really bode well for future job prospects, does it?

The next decision I have to make is whether I sign up for two more papers next trimester and try to do better at managing study and 'real life', or whether I relieve the pressure, revise my goal of finishing the degree and just sign up for one?  This would give me more time to focus on the paper I'm doing and (in theory) achieve a better result, as well as free up time for home life, family time, and hobbies.  The down side is it'll take an extra year to complete the degree.  I guess an extra year isn't a huge deal.  The boys will still be in high school, so there's no hurry, right?  I don't know...  As usual, I can't make up my mind!

Since I've been getting stuck in to course work and assignment completion, and because Deane was away in Sydney and X was home sick for most of this week, I haven't run since Sunday.  I had considered an early morning run a couple of times this week, but with temperatures at about 2°C I opted to stay in bed.  Probably a wise decision, but now I'm starting to feel lazy!  Which is why I've decided to participate in TempoFit's 50 Days of Winter Running - it'll be a good way to kick my own butt into action over the winter months, so I can stay on track for the XTERRA series and train for my trail marathon in October.  Every day I'll be tweeting something I've done during the day to work towards improving my running for the spring season - a run, some cross training, yoga, whatever.  Even rest days and 'recovery meals' count!  The goal is to do something every day.  Want to join in? :)  Just use the hashtag #50DaysofWinterRunning on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you're good to go.  Ooh, and let me know if you are, so I can follow you and we can share our progress!  If you want to follow me, social media links are up the top right of this page :)

I'm actually really excited about the Waihi trail marathon, and only mildly concerned that I won't be able to run it.  Some longer trail runs are definitely going to be needed in the lead up to it though, just to be sure I can manage it.  In a few weeks Martin and I will be heading to Rotorua for the Double Rainbow Trail Run - only in it's second year, I'm not expecting hoards of people, which will be nice (although there probably will be).  We'll be running the 25km, which is two climbs up Rainbow Mountain.  Should be fun ;)  Not so fun is the early morning drive to get there... I'll be setting my alarm for about 4.15am, eek!  At least the drive will give me plenty of distraction and will, fingers crossed, allow me to avoid the usual gurgly tummy issues.

That nearly completes my race calendar for the year, although I'd like to add a couple more events - my friend Zoe has asked if I'd like to join her for the Taniwha on the 8th November - I'm thinking maybe the half marathon run (and some members of our running group are keen too), and my mother-in-law's partner has requested my presence at the inaugural Queenstown Marathon on the 22nd November, which looks and sounds amaaaaaaazing!  I'd love to do both, but I have to get sign-off from the head honcho (aka Deane) before being able to commit to either.  Wish me luck! ;)


  1. I'll be doing the 50 DOWR too! I forgot all about it so thanks for the reminder. I;d love to do the Queenstown marathon but its so soon after Auckland :(
    You've been doing a lot of trail running lately, so can't see Waihi being a problem for you. Just make sure that study doesn't get in the way of your training! (Priorities and all..!)
    Have a great week, hopefully see you at Shakespear!

  2. LOL, there's no way study will prevent me from running Waihi! And I'm not running the Auckland Marathon, or the half, so Queenstown is a definite possibility. Hopefully will see you Sunday :)