Monday, 4 August 2014

Busy week ahead

I have two assignments due Tuesday week, a total of about 4,500 words separated into five different essays/reports.  I haven't started yet.  I declare myself Queen of Procrastination!  Where's my crown? ;)  So this week will be dedicated to trying to get these things done, in amongst the marathon training and other essential life functions, household duties and myriad appointments and errands.  Wish me luck!

Last week's training involved a 6km treadmill run on Tuesday, 11km hill run on Wednesday - three climbs of Mt Eden:

It was a beautiful day with signs of Spring about - I spotted a New Zealand kingfisher and a goldfinch at Mt Eden, but they were too quick for me to snap pictures.

On Wednesday I got up at stupid o'clock for an 18km hill run with Martin:

Seriously, who gets up at this time?  Is that even a real time?

Bare winter trees looking fabulous in the street lights

On the home stretch, with a beautiful sunrise in the distance

Friday was a rest day, Saturday was another 6km treadmill run while we watched War of the Buttons (cool movie), and Sunday Martin and I headed out to Okura for an out-and-back.  I'd heard about the Okura-to-Stillwater trail but had never been out that far.  Given the weather (wet), it ended up being quite a good choice.  There was minimal mud (at least in comparison to recent trail runs, yay Winter) and a bit of coastal running, with some decent hills and beautiful surroundings.  All up it was about 13km.

Hard-packed gravel trail

Love the rock formations!

Drizzly day, but still beautiful

Mini stream :)

It was a good little run, and one I am sure to do again.  That brought my mileage for the week up to 54.8km.  I'm not sure how this week will go due to the rather pressing assignment work, but I have runs planned that will equate to about 77km.  Doubt that will happen, but you never know ;)

Even with all this running, I'm still inhaling enough food to put on weight, so once again, it's time to reign in the junk-food binge-eating (chocolate, I'm looking at you!) and late-night snacking.  Time to get serious about nutrition so I can properly fuel this body of mine for the hard work ahead.  Right now though, it's time for a coffee and some study!  Have a great week everyone :)

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