Friday, 19 September 2014

Random thoughts on a Friday

  • Every time I walk past Victoria Park these days, I feel sorry for the kids.  Their playground has been taken over by adults doing boot camp training!
  • If a store that you only visit occasionally is late opening on the few times you've been there, do you have the right to complain?
  • Spring in Auckland is a little too wet for my liking.
  • I am very glad I have a treadmill (related to previous random thought).
  • There are only 14 weekends left until Christmas.  There will be no knitted gifts for family this year.  I'm a little sad about this.
  • Air New Zealand put up $79 grab-a-seat flights from Auckland to Queenstown for November earlier this week.  Bastards.
  • I made eggplant potato moussaka with pine nut cream for my dinner last night.  I'm pretty sure I could eat it every night for a week and not get sick of it.  It was insanely good.
  • Everything chocolate that I've eaten this week has made me feel a little bit ill.  (Lindt 70% dark chocolate, my favourite chunky chocolate buckwheat granola, gluten free brownies I made for the kids...)  I think I'm going to take a break from all things chocolate for a while.
  • I'm making sauerkraut.  It was way easier than I expected it would be.  Hope it works.
  • I've started a 'kreachr covets' page of all the things I see and want to get, kind of like a shopping checklist that will take a really long time to purchase.  Particularly when it includes a $1,300 kitchen appliance...
  • I am nearly two thirds through my degree.  Wow.
  • I did not get sick once this Winter, despite every one of my family members coming down with colds and spreading their germs all over the place.  I feel just a little bit smug about that.
  • My BFF will be arriving in about four hours.  I can't wait to ambush her with a giant hug as soon as she walks in the door!  I haven't seen her for aaaaaaaaaaaages!!!
  • Only three weeks until my birthday marathon.  Time to route the 35km run for this Sunday.  Next week it's tapering time!
  • Oddly, I'm actually looking forward to voting tomorrow.  Make sure you get out there and have your say!
Now my brain is empty, it's time to work on the assignment I have due next week.  Enjoy your weekend!

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