Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Holy bleep it's October already

This month is a biggie - my first marathon on my 35th birthday, two more papers filed in the 'done' pile for my degree, the kids' school holidays, not to mention we get to welcome back daylight savings and jandal weather, awwww yeah...

It was actually warm enough at 8 o'clock this morning for me to trek on down to the supermarket in my flip flops.  How's that for a start to October?  That is definitely something I love about Spring/Summer - the casual footwear.  I was in search of the new Lewis Road Creamery/Whittaker's chocolate milk that was due for release today.  The supermarket didn't have it, but the trip wasn't a waste because we needed other stuff anyway ;)  I stuffed the kids full of pancakes for breakfast, then they helped me make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkles for lunch, to accompany the chocolate milk (we made a special trip to Farro to get some).  The cupcakes were deemed 'good' (really?  Is that all?), and the chocolate milk 'amazing'.

I know what you're thinking, and I give you free licence to harass me for feeding-my-kids-far-too-much-junk-food-and-rotting-their-teeth-with-all-that-sugar-and-how-on-earth-do-they-still-look-like-stick-figures-when-they-should-be-the-size-of-houses-I-have-no-idea...  Let's just say they don't take after me in that they know when to stop eating.  Sadly, I do not.  Which is why I've already eaten 2 1/2 cupcakes and a jumbo oatmeal raisin cookie, as well as a large breakfast and lunch and it's not even 3pm.  I need to stop baking.  I am a danger in the kitchen.  We've been over this before.  That, or I need volunteers to come and eat all the food I keep making.  Seriously.  Please help.

The boys are enjoying their school holidays - lounge 'sleepovers' and movie nights seem to be the thing for holidays now.  Next week we're going to go check out Jump trampoline park.  T loves trampolines so I think he'll have an amazing time.  We're only booked in for an hour, but I think that'll be sufficient for them (and me) to get all worn out :)  I'm also planning a walk in Okura and a trip down to Wynyard Quarter to check out the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year exhibit.  Next week will be a quiet one, so I can rest up for the marathon.  Which is next weekend.  OMG.  That's, like, really close.

I managed to run that 35km run last week - the last long run, more of a psychological hurdle than a physical one.  It was quite boring, run around the streets of Auckland by myself, but I did get to enjoy a few installations of Paul Walsh's street art along the way - he paints phone boxes (I thought they were power transformers originally.  Duh.)

 There are quite a few dotted around the city, along with other pieces of his work (and other artists' work of course).  It makes your walk/run just a little bit more interesting :)  I also tried a few new gel flavours - banana berry (surprisingly not gross) and coffee (with 80mg caffeine - tastes like death with about a dozen sugars added to it.  I do not recommend this flavour, particularly towards the end of a long run).  The run started out pretty good and I knew my pace was a little quick, but I was feeling quite good so just kept plodding along, stopping only to refuel, wait for traffic, check the map and make sure I was going the right direction, or answer phone calls.  Ha, that makes me sound really popular and important.  One.  I got one phone call.  Which is more than I usually get on an average day.  Yep, I'm super important.

I only walked a little bit up one hill a couple of times about midway through the run, but I will admit that the last couple of stops were getting long.  At 29km I stopped for about five minutes to down the 'gel from hell', send a text to Martin (which I believe said '29km in to a 35km run.  Dying.') and enjoy the sunshine.  I made it to the 35km mark a few hundred metres from home, and was more than glad to walk/hobble the rest of the way.  Road running is definitely harder on your body than trail running!

It only took a couple of days to come right again, but I bailed out of the 26km trail run on Sunday, opting for a 10km road run instead.  I haven't run so far this week, but have a 20km planned tomorrow morning and possibly also on Sunday.  Next week will be one short run, if any.  I'm nervous and scared, but excited at the same time.  And I'm really looking forward to the rest time afterwards!!

In the meantime, I'm distracting myself by studying - two assignments left, one for each paper.  Then there's only six more papers to go!  I would also like to get out and enjoy the nice weather a little more, although I have to remember to put on sunscreen - last week saw the beginning of the 'summer run tan' ;)  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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