Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Little things

This post is just a random conglomeration of little things that are on my mind at the moment.  Bear with me:

  • I finished T's Slytherin scarf yesterday.  It was going to be for his birthday at the end of next month, but he was so happy it was finished and wanted to wear it straight away (and for school today) that I couldn't really say no.  I mean, could you say no to this?  So cute!!

The original size was going to be way too big for my little guy, so I altered the pattern slightly by casting on 70 stitches and knitting a 20-2-4-2 row pattern (instead of 90 stitches with a 27-3-5-3 pattern).  You can see the size difference this created with X's original size Gryffindor scarf for comparison:

I used just over five balls of Countrywide Yarns Windsor 8ply for the green (shade 34), and about 2/3 to 3/4 of a ball of Naturally Loyal 8ply for the grey/silver (shade 940).

  • I swapped from my iPhone to a Samsung smart phone on Deane's insistence that it would have a better battery life, and because he thinks I am enslaved by the iMentality (I don't think so, I just like the operating system on my phone because it's easy to use.  And anyway, he was the one that bought me an iPhone in the first place, so really, it's his fault).  And I have to say, the camera is totally harshing my Instagram buzz.  All the photos are blurry and the lighting is terrible...  I am aware that my photography skills are crap anyway, and seriously, what can you expect with a smartphone camera, but still...  Not to mention, the battery life in the Samsung is actually no better than my iPhone - they both only last half a day before needing a recharge.  So I'm going to swap back.  The apps on the Samsung are buggy anyway.
  • I have very mildly strained the peroneal tendons in my left leg/foot (as far as I can tell by self-diagnosis using the internet, because we all know how reliable and accurate that is).  This was most likely caused by running on the side of the road with quite a sharp camber for an extended period of time on Sunday.  Not to mention the whole running 25km in old shoes after two weeks of rest following a marathon blah blah blah.  So this week, again, I am resting.  I had planned on doing a bunch of other exercise but have re-evaluated this based on how my foot and ankle has been feeling over the last couple of days, ie: not good.  I concede, I have an injury.  Boo.
  • Our Foodbox delivery this week is a day later than usual due to Labour Weekend.  We have completely run out of fruit and vegetables except for half a bag of frozen baby peas, a handful of frozen berries and a tin of peaches.  I am not okay with this situation!  Yes, I could've gone to the supermarket and bought a few things to tide us over but I'm trying to spend as little as possible at the moment.  I have considered cancelling my weekly Foodbox order and going back to buying my own produce, but that would likely end up being much more expensive.  I have to avert my eyes when walking (speedily) through the produce section of the supermarket because I want to buy ALL THE THINGS.  Blueberries are $14 a punnet?  Who cares?  FRESH BLUEBERRIES!  Dragon fruit $5 a pop?  YAAAAAY DRAGON FRUIT!  Mangoes!  Raspberries!  Kale!  Sugar snap peas!  Papaya!  Cherry tomatoes!  Watermelon!  Alllllllll the things!!!!  You see my problem?  My kids aren't big on veges.  Deane eats some but prefers dead animals for nourishment.  I can only eat so much, so despite wanting to buy and eat everything, I physically cannot do it, and produce invariably ends up going to waste, which is sad.  And expensive.  Or I need to be better at freezing stuff.  In any case, I cannot wait for today's fresh produce delivery!
  • I recently spent half a day restocking my freezer with single serves of pre-cooked brown rice, chickpeas, beans and brown lentils.  It takes a little organisation (and a lot of mini containers), but the convenience of being able to grab something out and quickly defrost it under some running water (or taking it out ahead of time and leaving it to defrost if you planned ahead) is totally worth it:

  • Extra time on my hands, and a recently completed scarf, brought out the return of the fugly blanket.  It's getting bigger, but I'm pretty much out of colours now, unless I want the rest of the blanket to be green, grey, white and red.  And this photo is fantastic evidence of just how shitty the Samsung phone camera is.  This is the best picture I could get:

  • T was sick all Labour weekend.  He passed his germs on to X who spent yesterday at home, and is home again today.  T decided to make him comfy on the couch before heading off to school this morning:

Ridiculous, but very cute and sweet.  Ah, brotherly love...
  • I'm volunteering at the Auckland Marathon this week - both Thursday and Friday at registration, and on Sunday (race day).  I'm really excited about it!  Hopefully I won't screw anything up :)  I've always admired and appreciated the effort volunteers put in to behind-the-scenes work for running (and other sporting) events, so it will be nice to be on the other side for a change.  The weather over the last few days has been rather wet and miserable (although I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's thunder storm), but it looks like it'll clear up nicely in time for Sunday.  Fingers crossed!  And if you're running in the event, good luck!  I might see you there :)


  1. Nice to spot you today! The volunteers all looked pretty happy, although I think getting in early was a good decision :)

    1. Was good to see you too, if only briefly. Wish I'd had time to catch up a bit, wanted to congratulate you on how well your running is going! And quiz you about the FR220 (thinking about that one myself). Good luck for Sunday!!